I’m Claire Underwood

Apparently designer vaginas are a thing... I was very curious when I saw this in my local newspaper, not only because of the offer of 20% off the first treatment (and I loves me a good bargain), but because...well...designer vagina?!? Who the hell thought that would be a good name for an actual medical procedure?... Continue Reading →

Sunday morning thoughts over cappuccino

My first thought is that I drink a lot of cappuccino...(I don't know, is four shots in two big-ass mugs over two days a lot?) My second thought is that I surprise myself sometimes. For a person who measures their worth in ticking things off her bucket list and receiving praise from others, I shouldn't really be... Continue Reading →

On Relationships and Gaming

I've been in a few relationships. I'm not sure whether the amount of relationships I've been in (by my tally, it's 4.75) qualifies as a 'few' but I've been in more than a couple, so let's roll with a 'few'. I haven't really learned the secret to a successful relationship, but I think one of the most... Continue Reading →

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