A quickie (lacking foreplay and substance as the name suggests)

You might have noticed that I skipped the month of May and most of June in terms of blogging. The only excuse I have to offer is, shit happens.

If you want a better excuse I could say that I got really busy watching GoT, OITNB and Outlander or that I’ve been wading through my story re-write since the end of March or that training for a marathon is the height of stupidity for mere mortals like myself, but instead I’ll just say that I didn’t have a lot to say for six weeks so I chose not to say anything.

Actually, when I started training 19 weeks ago to run 42.2km (apparently that’s 26.2 miles), I knew it was going be tough, but I was feeling it was do-able. I spent the first 5 weeks going from 0km to 5km in a slightly accelerated C25K program and then I launched into Hal Higdon’s marathon beginner’s program (which I added a couple of weeks to in order to ease myself into the longer distances). But over the last 6 weeks, my distances have really started ramping up and I’m so shattered after a run I can’t imagine how I’ll feel during or after that 42.2km.

The event that I have entered has around 40,000 participants every year. Generally only 1000 of those people sign up for the 42.2km with everyone else signing up for the 4km, 12km or 21km and I’m definitely starting to understand the reason behind that. But you know me, I’ve got that endurance fetish and all of this ‘woe be me’ is scratching my itch something fierce. Funnily enough the constant pain and tiredness I’m experiencing has completely taken play off my radar. I don’t feel like I want any additional pain in any way, shape or form and mostly when I have any free time I just want to curl up into a ball and watch something on tv.

And tv….well, Outlander gets my vote as the most squee-inducing tv series of 2015. That is some damn fine shit, so if you haven’t gotten into that yet, you really need to because I need to talk to someone about it! There are things that need to be squee’d about!!

Running long distances is a very different beast to my previous jaunts into shorter-distance running. I’ve needed to invest in some serious gear and I’m still experimenting with gels and sports drinks, trying to get the hydration/nutrition thing working. Anything over about 1 ½ hrs, I feel my fuel reserves running low and need a boost or lifting my legs becomes sweet misery. I’ve never been a good hydrater. I never drink while I’m at the gym and I never drank at all while I was training for my half-marathon. It always made me nauseous so teaching my body how to deal with food and water while running has been a whole new ball game.

I bought myself a waist belt to carry around my water bottles, gels, tissues, lip-balm etc. and I feel like GO-GO-GADGET-MARATHON-WOMAN (a.k.a. a complete retard) every time I head out in it, but I guess I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. Lubrication is also a massive requirement and after experimenting with vaseline, blister patches and blister sprays, I now lube up with body glide to avoid friction on various parts of my body. The only thing I found helped with blisters on my feet was body glide, a pair of anklet stockings and some cushion socks over that. I had several blissful blister-free weeks and it’s only the last couple of days that the blister game has ramped up and now I have a blood blister. Fortunately, this weekend’s run is a tapering 16km so it shouldn’t be too bad.

I’m going home for a couple of weeks at the end of July. It was supposed to be a short trip to Sydney for my uncle’s 60th, but has turned into a long trip home because my grandmother is not well. From there I’ll be heading straight into a work trip to Japan. I’m dreading the fact that I’m supposed to be hitting the peak of my training while I’m away. I’ll be going from the freezing mountainous wastelands to the middle of Japanese summer with ridiculous humidity while having fourteen-hour work days with dinners and doing crazy amounts of travelling and I’ll still be needing to run about two hours a day and there’s a delightful 32km, four-hour run in there as well. I’ve got no idea how any of that is going to work and it’s making me all angsty just thinking about it.

And that’s also why I haven’t been blogging too much – there’s only so much running talk people can take before they start watching cat videos on youtube.

So I wrote most of this blog at work today and then I came home and M told me to boot up and collar up as soon as I walked in the door. He then told me he wanted to beat my ass – obviously the man was horny (I think he has seen a few too many tv shows recently where girls are wearing stiletto-heeled boots and it gives him all sorts of juicy thoughts.) I informed him that I’d just written a blog about how having a beating was the furthest thing from my mind at the moment and his response was, as expected, “So?”

I gave him one of my cutest smiles, rubbed my booted legs up against the back of his thighs and played with the hair on the back of his neck. Needless to say, I didn’t get a beating.



2 thoughts on “A quickie (lacking foreplay and substance as the name suggests)

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  1. I’m not sure my last post worked, so I’ll write again.

    I really admire you doing the marathon. About the only running I do is after Mr Whippy. LOL
    14 hour days plus 2 hours of running plus a 32km run. I’m thinking you aren’t going to get a lot of sleep.
    Would you be wearing your waist belt while doing the marathon? I’m guessing you do, but thought I’d ask anyway. 🙂

    I hope your Grandmother is going to be ok. huuuuugs

    I’m glad to see you blog again, I’ve been popping in every so often to see if you were back.

    Enjoy your trips.

    1. I wish there was Mr Whippy to run after 🙂 I have to say that I’m pretty over the whole thing at the moment and just want it to be over.
      I’m not sure about wearing the waist belt during the actual race…part of me is thinking it would be a good idea to carry my own gels, phone and stuff but the other part of me doesn’t want to carry anything that I don’t have to.
      I’ve not got a lot to say at the moment so the blogs are a bit sparse…any thoughts on what I should ramble about?

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