Apparently booyah is a soup (of presumably Belgian origin) that is eaten in some parts of the US of A. Who knew?

And I finished my marathon! Boo-yah!

Should I tell you the story with all the excruciating little details-like I didn’t sleep a wink the night before, I had to do a porta-loo stop around the 28km mark, I ran slap-bang into the wall at the 30km mark or that there was a woman pushing a pram who was running faster than me (and completed the marathon)?

Nah, no-one wants to hear about that shit.

But I will say that I’m so sore & stiff today that I can barely squat down low enough to get on the toilet. Everything hurts.

So it’s done and I feel a bit lost now. I didn’t have any amazing feeling of fulfilment or sense of achievement, I just made it to the end, got my finisher’s medal, grabbed an apple and a bottle of water and it was all a bit, “Meh.”


There were some nice moments though, like when we came back past the starting line and all the half-marathon people were lined up to start and they all applauded us as we ran past them up the first hill (one of six fucking hills), all the random people cheering on the side-lines and the 1400 or so volunteers doing all the work. It was almost enough to melt my hardened heart.

In case you were wondering, it took me about 4hrs and 40mins. The Japanese guy who came first did it in 2hrs and 16mins. I saw him pass me, smiling from ear to ear, as he looped back through the course and he was hoofing it like he was running from a crazy girlfriend wielding an axe.The first girlie finished in 2hrs and 58mins. Amazing people.

So that was that! Now I need another goal. Thoughts?

Thanks universe!

Hello everybody! You may remember me from such things as this blog and….well, this blog.

I’ve just come back from a three-week trip to my home town and to Japan. I spent 36 hours on airplanes and that gave me quite a lot of thinking time (I’d already seen all the movies…)

Here are some of my thoughts (in no particular order):

  •  A classical version of “All about that bass” is a very weird song to be pumped through an airplane’s sound system while you’re waiting to take off
  • Running on a treadmill for any length of time makes me want to slit my wrists
  • Taking your own pillow on a travel itinerary that includes seven flights is pure genius and complete idiocy at the same time
  • The A380 is a BFP (big fucking plane) and FYI, the upstairs economy seats are the shizz
  • Australian people look incredibly bogan and sloppy after spending any amount of time in Japan
  • Intestines taste really good – if you can get over the weird texture
  • Korean girls can get super bitchy if you get into a fight with them over the last remaining boxes of chocolate-covered potato chips at the airport shop
  • Many Chinese people really need to learn how to use a toilet (please flush your used paper, don’t throw it into the little bin in the cubicle that is for sanitary napkins! It’s summer…you know how much that stinks??)
  • Taking your very politically incorrect boss to a kamikaze museum on the eve of the Hiroshima bombing is never a good idea (he started singing the song, “America, Fuck yeah!” from Team America: World Police)
  • I really don’t enjoy travelling by myself
  • Singapore Airlines is just the shizz. Haagen Dazs ice cream, hot towels, CA who actually smile and want to help? Just take my money!
  • Watching dramatic footage of the largest commercial airline crash in history (highest loss of life) that occurred in Japan in 1985 the night before your return flight is never a good idea.
  • How do people have sex in airplane bathrooms? I barely have enough room in there to pee.
  • Running in high temperatures /high humidity is very cruel and unusual torture

I had about five days of quality shopping in Japan after my work schedule was done. I stayed down south in Fukuoka this time (just to mix things up a bit) and I have to say it’s a pretty good base in terms of fulfilling my requirements: a really good 100 yen shop, a couple of department stores, a good bookstore, uniqlo, my go-to restaurant chains, Starbucks and several other shopping places all within walking or a quick bus/subway ride. I’d probably take M there on our next trip to Japan.

Like the true masochist I am, I tried to stick faithfully to my marathon training schedule while I was away and mostly succeeded. I gave up trying to do my 32km run in Japan (because too hot/too humid/treadmills make me suicidal) and did it when I came back but other than that I was a good girl.

So this time next week I’ll be done with my marathon and I’m sure everyone I work with/live with/talk to will say, ‘Thank fucking Christ!’ because I will finally be able to shut up about it.

Hopefully we’ll then return to our regular programming of me whining about submission/slavery and waxing philosophical about life.

P.S I just wanted to say thanks, Mr Universe, for listening to me as I willed my body to get done with its monthly girlie things a week before my marathon. I know you like cycles and routines and based on that I was scheduled to get a whole lot of cramps and some icky stuff happening the night before and on day of said marathon so a BIG, MASSIVE thanks for listening to my desperate pleas.