Apparently booyah is a soup (of presumably Belgian origin) that is eaten in some parts of the US of A. Who knew?

And I finished my marathon! Boo-yah!

Should I tell you the story with all the excruciating little details-like I didn’t sleep a wink the night before, I had to do a porta-loo stop around the 28km mark, I ran slap-bang into the wall at the 30km mark or that there was a woman pushing a pram who was running faster than me (and completed the marathon)?

Nah, no-one wants to hear about that shit.

But I will say that I’m so sore & stiff today that I can barely squat down low enough to get on the toilet. Everything hurts.

So it’s done and I feel a bit lost now. I didn’t have any amazing feeling of fulfilment or sense of achievement, I just made it to the end, got my finisher’s medal, grabbed an apple and a bottle of water and it was all a bit, “Meh.”


There were some nice moments though, like when we came back past the starting line and all the half-marathon people were lined up to start and they all applauded us as we ran past them up the first hill (one of six fucking hills), all the random people cheering on the side-lines and the 1400 or so volunteers doing all the work. It was almost enough to melt my hardened heart.

In case you were wondering, it took me about 4hrs and 40mins. The Japanese guy who came first did it in 2hrs and 16mins. I saw him pass me, smiling from ear to ear, as he looped back through the course and he was hoofing it like he was running from a crazy girlfriend wielding an axe.The first girlie finished in 2hrs and 58mins. Amazing people.

So that was that! Now I need another goal. Thoughts?


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  1. Congratulations on completing your marathon, that is an AWESOME effort. 😀
    You’ve done really well, not pulling the plug on your exercise and completing when you hit your wall.
    That woman with the pram probably jumped on it and coasted down all the hills. LOL

    I can understand feeling lost after achieving your goal. huuuuugs

    Have you thought of doing something along the lines of Tough Mudder? Do they have anything like that in W.A?
    That should appeal to your endurance side.

    1. Thanks! I think I’ve just got a little bit too much time on my hands now. Granted, I still need to finish those books off (yes, I’m still revising them…lol.)

      I wonder what those tough mudder people do with their shoes… I run through a little puddle and I get all concerned about wet socks 🙂

    1. I always wonder what those tough mudder people do with their shoes…I run through a little puddle and get all concerned about wet socks and shoes! There are some interesting races there…I like the Bog Run….great name!

      What I really need is a triathlon involving body combat back-to-back classes, a Netflix marathon and a trot through meandering hills on a gentle horse. I would totally win that 😀

      1. You could compete without shoes. LOL

        I don’t like the sound of your Triathlon. The back to back body combat sounds like too much hard work.
        Then again I am a sloth.

        I had a woman from UQ ring me about a fitness research program they are starting.

        She asked me what my activity level was and I said like a sloth.
        She laughed thinking I was joking.
        By the end of the phone call she realised I wasn’t lying about being a sloth.
        She was grasping at straws trying to find if I’d done anything other than breathe in the past week. PMSL

        1. Hahaha…activity level=sloth sounds ideal!
          Competing without shoes? Now that sounds hardcore.

          I’m thinking yoga for my next thing. I needs me some flexibility and my neck and back situation could probably do with something low impact.

  2. Congratulations! Amazing achievement – props to you for toughing it out.
    As for what’s next…I have no ideas. Does it need to be a physical challenge or at least have physical aspects, or could your itch be scratched by a cerebral challenge?

    1. Ta! You mean ‘cerebral’ like doing my MBA or something? (also probably another thing on my bucket list). I guess I’ve sort of attained a certain level of fitness a.k.a I can run a bit…at the moment and I’m a bit loathe to just let it go down the toilet (but I probably will because I hate running…lol.)

  3. Congratulations….you won my wisdom -AND- I’m sober too. You’re welcome.

    I learned (on FoodNetwork, of all places) that, at the turn of the century, an Italian chef named “Dee” arrived in New York. He was notable in that he introduced and popularized spaghetti. His recipe was so popular that he couldn’t handle the number of patrons to his restaurant, so he took to filling orders as “take out” (or “take-away”, if you prefer). Anyway this idea became wildly successful for this immigrant that he started a company to serve the do-it-yourself dinner-in-a-box crowd that had developed. He sold spaghetti, sauce and cheese all in one package (each item separate) that the at-home-cook only had to heat up water for the pasta and warm the sauce and crack the can of cheese for the final sprinkle. A huge hit.

    The company that he started is still around, bearing his name, …..yup….you guessed it:

    Chef Boo-Yah Dee

    It serves you right. I’m much funnier drunk. (Just ask me when I”m drinin’, if you don’t believe me)

    I remain, due to inertia,

    Mr. Upton, Newtonian-physics-in-inaction, Ogood

    1. Everything I learned, I learned from Food Network.

      I think I’m much funnier and more entertaining when I’m drunk. In reality, I usually just fall asleep and that makes me funnier and more entertaining.

      In Australia we haven’t really evolved in terms of convenience food. We still have to buy our pasta, sauce and cheese separately. I think that’s a good thing though- I’m very partial to the little pasta bows and the spirally ones.

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