The Ides of November

The last couple of months have been filled with travelling, writing, work and the picture above.

That was my Halloween beating.

Mostly it was the work of a thickish cane and a flogger that has little bits of leather tied onto the ends of the strands. It has a nice thuddy feel to it and gives you those deep purple bruises that take a good week to disappear.

I’ve been to Japan and back, Tasmania and back and over to the east coast of Australia a couple of times for various work-related things. Coupled with this travelling, is the fact that it is the time of year I hate the most – when I have to be uberly sociable with clients.

The end of the year should be the time when things are winding down and there should be a gentle slide into Christmas because people are tired and it’s a natural progression after a busy year, but in my job, it’s the time when everything ramps up to another level of busy. We don’t even have the time to have a Christmas party this year. Which means I don’t get to do my famous Christmas quiz (that everyone in the office kind of moans about, but that scratches a teacher itch in me that has never really disappeared.)

I just don’t have the energy at the moment to smile and deal with stuff so instead I bitch and moan and get sick (literally…I have a cold – probably from the plane.) This week I’ve just wanted to sleep and eat and play Tomb Raider…which I would if I could make a decision about whether to upgrade to an xbox one or not…Decision-making and me just do not have a healthy relationship at the best of times and at this time of year, deciding whether to get out of bed in the morning is a big enough crisis let alone trying to decide whether I should spend a large hunk of money now or wait until Christmas sales.

So, that’s me. How are ya’ll doing?


7 thoughts on “The Ides of November

Add yours

    1. It’s unusual for me to travel so much and I’m not really the travelling type so it’s been tough.
      Yes, the bruises were awesome 🙂

    1. It was either a 1 or 2 on my beating list. I think it was more concentrated in one spot so the bruises became more intense, but it might have been shorter time-wise.
      M gave me the beating at a Halloween party we went to. I needed a couple of glasses beforehand because I was so nervous!

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