Ranting woman walking

Do you know what happens if you run a marathon in August then don’t run a step for three months and then try and run one hundred metres?

You fucking die. That’s what happens.

Finding that out made me as depressed as the last time I ordered a slice of NY cheesecake and got a piece of some shitty, gelatine-set monstrosity (approximately three weeks ago at a waterfront pub in East Perth that shall remain nameless.)

I farewelled the last of my Japanese clients for the year on Thursday and so I’m a free woman (free from the bane of having to be sociable, that is) until the middle of January! Yay for me!

Unfortunately my joy was short-lived because I came down with a heavy attack of the monthly plague on Friday and so M and I won’t be able to attend the last play party of the year tonight where I was supposed to get another spectacularly bruised botty.

I’ve been on a 10,000 steps a day kick for a couple of weeks now so I’m wearing my fitbit again and I’m slowly making my way through the C25k programme again. That programme is always my fall-back when I need some type of scheduled exercise so I religiously keep it on my podcast play list.

I’d like to wear my marathon finisher t-shirt every now and then on my walk/jogs, but somehow I think being overtaken by another person walking faster than I am running while wearing said t-shirt could be a bit humiliating.

I’ve been a bit ranty at M lately -mostly about housework and spending money (the usual suspects). I get that way sometimes when I don’t have anything to amuse/distract myself with and particularly now that my story baby has been born and I’ve completed Rise of the Tomb Raider (100% completion thank you very much!) I spend a lot of time just work->home->sleep->repeating and I get very ranty. I’ll probably need to get myself a big-ass Lego kit before the Xmas holidays or it could be a very testing time for the both of us.

M has been talking to his brother a bit recently because his brother has had a fall out with his partner of over 20 years and it looks like they might be splitting up. I’ve found it interesting listening to his relationship advice to his brother. It certainly sounds like he understands well how not to be a dick in a relationship judging by what he is saying, but I wonder whether he thinks he is that ‘model partner’ that he is describing to his brother.

M’s father was a bit messed up and I understand very well the legacy of having a messed up father, but if you can eloquently describe how to be emotionally aware and have a mutually respectful relationship, you should be able to put most of that into practise, shouldn’t you?

I know I’m not a pretty emotional picture either, but other than getting ranty about things I really shouldn’t have to get ranty about, I’m fairly chill and easy to live with (and that description comes from the man himself!) Anyway, I should stop ranting before this turns into nothing but a rant-fest.

So, I’m thinking about my next writing project now and have had some thoughts about something Japan-orientated and possibly anecdotal. How does that sound?

And don’t forget if you’re looking for some holiday smut reading, my erotic bdsm mystery with Master-Mistress themes that will also scratch your interrogation-porn itch (you don’t want to know how long I had to think about what literary category Desiderata fits in) is downloadable on the Amazon store here.







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  1. Given the nature of your relationship, maybe M doesn’t truly believe that the advice he gives to his brother is relevant to his own relationship? (even though it patently IS!)
    Have you ever considered mindfulness/meditation as a way to bring your anxiety a little more under your control? Personally I’ve had great success with it (thanks in part to a fantastic psychologist at the beginning).
    Sorry you are feeling PMS-y and ranty – I SOOOOO feel you though. I’m on progesterone now for peri-menopauuse (that my doctor thinks may have kicked in as early as 39), and it does help on all but the very worst days. Peri-menopause sucks – all the horrors of menopause AND you still get the luxury (ahem, GST on tampons WTF?) of the monthly bleed. Grrrr.
    Sending hugs and commiserating nods of recognition xxxx

    1. Probably. I’m not sure whether he thinks it’s a bit of ‘us’ and ‘them’ (personally I think you’ve got to get that cake underneath right before what goes on top!)
      Peri-menopause? What fresh hell is that? I think I’ve also got a healthy dose of gloom caused by a mix of end-of-year/impending birthday/lack of projects to keep myself amused. Maybe I also need some alone time – haven’t had any of that for ages and I’m starting to feel it.
      Thanks for the hugs, nods and comment 🙂

      1. After 15 years of living alone, I am currently residing with the man AT HIS MOTHER’S HOUSE, so i am feeling you on the needing alone time too. Oy vey.

        Peri-menopause is the ninth circle of hell. DO NOT Google it. Far too depressing.

        Now your post has made me think of cake and, more importantly, ICING. Damn you, woman, and damn period cravings. Grrrr.

        1. Residing at HIS MOTHER’s HOUSE?? Wow…just wow…
          Btw, I was reading about folinic acid for treating anxiety the other day (yes, I’m probably late to that discussion party.) Any thoughts?

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