Xmas nom noms

M and I had a quiet Christmas. We finally finished playing Portal 2 (can I get a hallelujah?) and then sat down to a scrummy Christmas lunch Australian style (a.k.a cold everything and usually involves beetroot.)

There was pork with crunchy crackling:


Which joined some chicken and salad (that’s german potato salad and coleslaw in front – next to the baby beetroot):


Then it was topped off with M’s homemade plum pudding which was served with custard and ice-cream (12hrs of steaming and lots of love in this baby):


Tomorrow (Boxing day) we’ll hit the shops early and try to find some clearance xmas stuff at the supermarket. I’m hoping for a drastically marked down pavlova and maybe another ham. We bought a ham about two weeks ago and steadily ate it little by little until two days before Christmas there was nothing left of it but this bone:


Incidentally, one of my favourite Christmas activities is to stand over the ham in the kitchen with a knife and just carve off pieces and shove them into my mouth like an animal. Good times.

This is my ham bag that I purchased at the post-Christmas sales last year for 50c. Bargain! And while ‘ham bag’ may sound slightly kinky, it’s just a calico bag that you soak in vinegar water and keep your ham in. bag

We’ll probably also make our way to the new Star Wars movie sometime tomorrow or Sunday. I’m hearing good things about it so it feels like it’s time to watch it so I can join in on the collective gushing/whining that is happening all over the interwebs.

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season.



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