In sickness and in health

(TL;DR: M has renal failure and a bevy of health issues and will be in hospital for the foreseeable future.) I've had one of the worst weeks of my life. Actually, I shouldn't be bitching about my own week being bad because I'm not the person in hospital, in a lot of pain with various... Continue Reading →



I met an old friend for lunch today. I've known her for over ten years and she has always been fascinated by two things: my crooked index finger and my lifestyle. By the way, I really hate calling it a 'lifestyle' but I don't know what else to say...'life choice'? 'kink'? 'out of the ordinary... Continue Reading →

Planes, grunts and scowls

I spent a few days travelling this week for work. There were a couple of flights, a shitty hotel room, several taxi rides and many hours in cars traversing the countryside with nothing to look at. Travelling always makes me tired. It takes me a while to be able to sleep in an unfamiliar place... Continue Reading →


I spend a good 85% of my time at work skimming through documents, proof-reading and absorbing (through open-plan office osmosis) conversations going on around me so I know what is happening. The other 15% I spend talking to clients, carefuly composing ranty emails and fighting the urge to kill my colleagues. When I make a coffee, I thumb through... Continue Reading →

Boot camp

Normally when I talk about boots, M's eyes light up like mine do when I spot NY cheesecake on the dessert menu, but I don't think he's going to be very excited by this discussion of boots. I signed up for boot camp last week. Well, when I say boot camp, it's actually 'outdoor fitness... Continue Reading →

Toxic thoughts

I woke up this morning to discover that the twin sister of someone I knew had died from a caffeine overdose. Apparently she had been taking some 'diet' pills and after drinking a coffee at a coffee shop, the combined amount of caffeine had been toxic. She was twenty-seven and had only recently been married.... Continue Reading →

Huffing it

It's not very well known that I have a floor-plan fetish.  Poring over floor plans is one of the things that I love to do and it makes me quite sad that floor-plans are rarely provided in Australia for properties that are for rent or sale (unless you're building). I'm surprised that more people don't demand a layout when... Continue Reading →

Six degrees of separation

I'm about to embark on round two of my Japanese client visits. The busy time of the year in my job coincides with the harvest time of certain agricultural products and so before Christmas and after Christmas are the two times of the year when we host many groups of visitors. In the quieter times are... Continue Reading →

Ii ka warui?

Apparently Japan was the number overseas travel destination for Australians in 2015. That doesn’t really surprise me a great deal given that every other person I met these days is either going to or has recently been to Japan. With super cheap airfares (using some low cost carriers from the eastern side of Australia you... Continue Reading →


M and I had the beginnings of a frank discussion early on new year's eve. By 'frank' I mean he was all weird and frosty after reading my purge blog, I started crying, he asked me what I wanted, I told him, he responded with mostly what I wanted to hear and then our talk ended... Continue Reading →

The First

I started the year by getting a bit retrospective ('when do you ever do anything differently?' I hear you all ask...) by putting together a poor-man's version of toshikoshi soba. Eating toshikoshi soba is one of the more popular rituals for seeing in the new year in Japan - along with watching the first sunrise of... Continue Reading →

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