Boot camp

Normally when I talk about boots, M’s eyes light up like mine do when I spot NY cheesecake on the dessert menu, but I don’t think he’s going to be very excited by this discussion of boots.

I signed up for boot camp last week. Well, when I say boot camp, it’s actually ‘outdoor fitness sessions’ but because it’s doing gym-type stuff outdoors with the flies and at the mercy of the elements in the Perth summer heat, I’m going to call it ‘boot camp’. I’ve seen the boot camp attendees doing their mountain climbers and partner boxing in the park when I’ve shuffled past on my runs and I’ve always said to myself, “Ain’t no way I’d do that shit.” But then I went and signed up. Mostly because it’s free as part of my health insurance (I’m pretty sure I pay for the sessions 100 times over in my premiums though) and because I thought it might be good to do stuff with other people and have some accountability.

I hate all that group fitness stuff and I hate exercising outdoors. Actually I hate exercising. Period. I’m really not looking forward to it in any way, shape or form, but I’ll do it because I said I’ll do it.

Being a martyr and having a slight masochistic streak, I often find some sort of perverse pleasure in doing things that I don’t enjoy. But as I get older the voice inside that says, ‘Life’s too short to spend it doing things you don’t enjoy!’ keeps getting louder and I’m wondering more and more why I bother.

I know everyone has to do things they don’t like. We all have to work, pay taxes, not kill each other etc. But there is a line between stuff that you have to do or else you get into trouble for and stuff that you ‘should’ do, but at the end of the day don’t really have to. Not brushing my teeth won’t kill me (well, it actually could because I have a  dysfunctional heart valve, but that’s just me) and likewise, eating crap and not exercising also won’t kill me ( though it may shorten my life span). They are things that I should do, along with going to the dentist for check-ups, having a pap smear, getting insurance etc. Most of these things I would put into the ‘adulting’ category. I notice that a lot of men don’t ‘adult’ very well. I wonder why that is?

Before I signed up for boot camp I was looking at a lot of ‘challenge’ plans. I was thinking about doing a few 30-day challenges like the plank challenge that takes you from 20seconds of planks to 5mins of planks over 30 days, or the 30-day thigh buster. After looking at all the challenges and feeling a bit overwhelmed, I felt like joining the napping challenge which takes you from a 5 minute snooze to a 2 hour nap over 30 days! It seems much more up my alley.

The other thing I did to go with my exercise regime was order a couple’s set of portion plates. We get two plates, two bowls, a 4-week eating plan, a visual guide to portions and a snack bible.

I feel like portion-control is something that M and I need to get a handle on and instead of going it alone, I decided to pull him aboard my healthy eating train. I’m hoping that the visual-way the information is presented makes it a bit easier to digest (see what I did there?) than blocks of numbers or needing to bring out a set of scales every time you want to eat something.

Apparently the average diameter of dinner plates has changed from 9 inches to 12 inches in the last 40 years. That might explain why all those women in movies from the 50’s and 60’s have impossibly small waists (or it might be that they have fantastically constrictive underwear.) The new dinner plates I bought when we moved here are so big they don’t even fit into the dishwasher (dinnerware purchase fail…) I’m guessing the new plates will.


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  1. This sentence made me laugh out loud (literally) “I know everyone has to do things they don’t like. We all have to work, pay taxes, not kill each other etc.”
    It sucks when we can’t kill someone. 😉 PMSL

    Wait until you get the plates and find out the size of the portions you should have.

    When I was given a plate and a list of how big portions should be I thought the Dietitian was having a lend of me. Alas no. 😦

    The portions truly are very tiny, as is the plate. 😦

    On the upside, there did seem to be a lot of food I could eat.

    Enjoy boot camp; personally I think you are mad. 😉 😛

    BUT this is coming from a 47 year old who collapsed during a recent hike, cried like a baby for a bit and then pulled herself together and went on.

    I want to go back and do it again. *face palm*
    Without the collapsing crying bit though. LOL

    I think maybe I am the mad one. 😛

  2. I got my plates today. The bowl is not that different to what I used before – I use a rice bowl for cereal but the plate is a bit smaller. It actually has a big ‘lip’ around it that you’re not supposed to put food on but makes it feel bigger.
    I so loled at you crying like a baby (not because you collapsed -were you ok?) I think M is going to cry like a baby when he actually sees what he should be eating.
    And yes, there are times when it really sucks that we’re not supposed to kill other people 😉

  3. Yeah all good re: collapse. 😀

    I wonder if M will be like my Dad, eat the food given to him; but then sneak out and eat big bags of chips. LOL

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