Good news, everyone!

Just a quick update, M was discharged from hospital on Friday. It was a loooong three emotionally-charged and tiring weeks, but he’s home and that’s great.

It will still be a few more weeks before things are back to ‘normal’ I’d imagine. He’s grumpy, restless and uncomfortable so it feels like I’ve suddenly given birth to a fifty-seven-year-old baby who wakes me up every two hours needing attention. I understand he has been through a lot and has been in pain for a long time, but he’s not a good patient. I think it will be interesting come Monday when I have to go to work with not a lot of sleep and I have whiney customers to deal with. Hell hath no fury like an overtired girl (and that’s exactly another reason why I should never have children).

Thank you all for your messages of support. M and I thank you for your concern and touching comments. A few days after it all happened, I had a big blubber-fest at work in front of one of my colleagues and then my boss (I really can’t cope with the question, “Is everything ok?”) and then I had another blubber-fest with my ninety-two year old grandmother who is simply so supportive and gloriously precious.

It was a very new experience for me and I’m generally not good in these type of high-stress/worry situations so I didn’t keep it together well but we got through it in the end.

I might be a bit quiet on here for a while as we try and sort stuff out. Feel free to amuse yourselves in my absence 😉