Crisis averted

I have a ropey top to tie me up in July! Yay for desperate messages on fetlife. Unfortunately the workshop needs minimum numbers of attendees so I don't actually know if they will be going ahead. I can haz sum rope pleaz? It's a long weekend in Australia and I went to the gym and... Continue Reading →


You know what would cheer me up?

Rope. And I discovered on the weekend that Kazami Ranki, one of the shibari grand masters, is coming to Perth to do workshops in July. And I really want to go! It's times like this when I wish I had a friend who knew rope and was in need of a bunny on a regular basis.... Continue Reading →

Preshock-aftershock there was another large earthquake in Japan. The one that happened on Thursday has been now downgraded to a "pre-shock" and the one that happened this morning (Saturday) at 1:30am is officially the "earthquake." In between there have been 142 pre/after shocks of level 3 or more so I'd be pretty damn jittery if I was... Continue Reading →

Aaaand there’s more where that came from

Food porn Prawn porn (can you believe the size of those? and next to them is a pile of abalone) Melon bread croissant porn Yes, it's a thing and it was good (but it was more melon bread shaped like a croissant.) And if you want to read day 2 of ohenro, it's up there.

There’s another one there

Day 1 of Ohenro is up there in the menu, if you're not templed out already. If you are, here is a picture of an exquisite dish I had in Kyoto - complete with plum blossoms and an octopus egg sac.


Hello again! Holy crap, it's been so long since I did a proper blog that I'd forgotten how long it takes. I just did the first of the pilgrimage blogs and I swear it took me three hours (not helped by the fact that I've discovered that photos you take on your phone don't like... Continue Reading →

Filling in the blanks

Hello! I've been away for a while. "No shit." I hear you say. Actually, I have a fairly legitimate excuse. There's been some of this: Some of this: Some of this: And lots of walking up this: While I looked like this: It's all now much clearer, right? Yes, I went to Japan for a... Continue Reading →

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