Hello again!

Holy crap, it’s been so long since I did a proper blog that I’d forgotten how long it takes. I just did the first of the pilgrimage blogs and I swear it took me three hours (not helped by the fact that I’ve discovered that photos you take on your phone don’t like being rotated and so you have to first save them as a bmp file after rotating them before resaving them as a jpeg in order to upload to wordpress…that..makes..me..so..annoyed…*deep breath*)

Anyway, the first blog is a bit of a ramble and is mostly info about the preparations more than anything, but I’ll continue to put the pilgrimage blogs up in the menu to the right under Ohenro.

And, did you see that Outlander Season 2 has begun? Squee!

And, GoT is starting soon? Squee!

It’s a good time to be alive (and I’m glad I didn’t fall off any of the mountains.)


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  1. I don’t watch TV. Yes I know, I’m odd. LOL
    So I have no idea about Outlander and no idea what GoT stands for.

    I go through phases where I’ll watch TV for hours each day every day and then not watch it for years.
    I do the same with watching movies and reading.

    I’m glad you didn’t fall off any mountains.
    How frustrating about the photos; that would give me ‘twitchy’ eye. LOL

    You should make M do it. 😛

  2. Yes, you’re odd!

    Outlander=time-travelling period drama with hot man
    GoT= Game of Thrones=fantasy drama where everyone dies and you see everyone’s pink bits

    I’m a bit like that with things. I get fixated and will do nothing else and then I’ll completely lose interest.
    And if I could *make* M do anything, it would be a special day indeed 🙂

  3. Hot man.
    Dying and pink bits.

    Maybe time to start watching TV again. 😀
    I’m going to find the first few episodes of both and see if they interest me.

    I’m usually late to the party with popular shows.
    I FINALLY watch them long after they’ve finished and go OMG this is so awesome now I know why everyone was raving about it.

    LOL @ special day re: making M do anything.

    P.S If I get obsessed with either or both of those show and don’t sleep for days so I can catch up I’ll be blaming you…. .heheehe 😛 😉

    1. I found Breaking Bad really late. I think it was already half-way through the 4th season. And Sex and the City! It was finished and over when I stumbled across it in repeats on foxtel.

      I’ve also tried to watch a few shows that everyone was into and found that they never did anything for me: Mad Men, The Wire, Entourage, Californication, Sons of Anarchy,The Walking Dead…my list of shame goes on. But then again, I’ve never liked anything to do with zombies! And I really don’t like police/crime drama type shows. I’ve also never seen all of Friends…

      I find that if there isn’t a character I can grab onto in the first episode, I just won’t continue. M, on the hand, will watch anything.

  4. I can’t find anywhere to watch GoT or Outlander. 😦
    I LOVED SOR, that was awesome. Actually that is going to go onto my ‘to buy’ list.

    I’ve watched all of Friends about a hundred times. I do love that series.

    I’ve not watched any of the others you mentioned.

    Have you ever watched The IT Crowd? It’s hilarious.


    I thought I’d comment here about your blogs about Ohenro.

    Before I comment on each one I just want to say I REALLY admire your endurance. When I was reading your blogs I thought if that had of been me I’d have had a heart attack and died. lol
    I can see why only 3000 walk the trail, it sounds really, really hard.
    What will the other 3 be like? Harder, easier or similar to this one?

    Day 0 – Lovely, Placenta face mask. *shudders*
    I’ve seen placenta from two mares who foaled. I can’t imagine putting them on my face. 😀

    I have heard of women eating their placenta after the baby has popped out. Well you’d hope they’d wait until the baby popped out.

    I LOVED all the little tubes of facial cleaner etc. I always love stuff like that.
    At one stage in my life I had hundreds of tiny soaps from hotels. LOL
    Anything tiny I love. I have pondered a few times about collecting the tiny bottles of booze.

    The photo of Mt Fuji is gorgeous.
    It looks amazing.

    I love all of your photos, it’s like I’m there as well. 🙂

    Day 1 –

    How did you initially manage to remember what you had to do at the Temples you visited?
    It is a shame you couldn’t bring you walking stick back. 😦

    I’ve been hiking and my walking stick (which is a strong branch, not a fancy store bought one) has saved me falling over on more than one occasion.

    Osettai sounds like such a wonderful custom. The Japanese seem like such gentle, giving souls.
    That was a great idea to use your married name and also pretend you were still married.

    Day 2 –

    330 steps O_O yeah no. LOL

    When you mentioned leaving your back pack with that lady I thought to myself isn’t she worried someone will steal it?

    That Mannequin was creepy. I’m not keen on dolls either.

    The submersible bridge you mentioned is called a Causeway. There are a lot of them in rural areas.

    I’m with you re: the B&B’s I don’t like sharing baths and whatnot.
    I’m really glad you were able to get a room in the hotel and not have to go back to the one 15kms away.
    Score not having to pay a cancellation fee for that one.

    Day 3 –

    I didn’t realise Japan had venomous snakes. I thought it was like N.Z.

    I can well imagine how awesome it would have felt finally getting to the top of that hellish trail. Looking at the photos makes me think I’d have curled up in a ball partway up and just cry.

    I had a giggle about the front reception fellow translating for you.
    I love your room so much at the hot springs.

    I know I said this above, but I really admire your strength to keep on going. You climbed that hellish mountain and then went on for another 10k to get to your hotel.

    Day 4 –

    That tunnel and highway like road would have had my anxiety sky rocketing.

    Crazy lady was really crazy. I wonder how many people encounter her along the way. PMSL
    I keep laughing as I keep picturing what it must have been like.

    I’m not keen on cats either,
    Throat lozenges are a bit random but that was nice of him to give them to you.

    I really feel for you being zombie like after that day of walking after the day before!

    Day 5 –

    I have a question, if you needed to go to the loo where did you go?
    Did they have public toilets on the trails?

    I’m glad you turned around from the scary path and got onto the right one.
    I’ve gone the wrong way when out hiking and thought UHOH.
    I don’t have much of a sense of direction. I’ve had to ‘wing’ it at times.

    The brocade osamefuda is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Empty houses + dolls = Chucky scary!
    I wouldn’t go there at nighttime either.

    I want to know about Day 6, did you sleep all day or what?

    Thank you SO much for sharing your adventure.

    When do you expect to do your next pilgrimage?

    1. Holy extra long comment, Batman! Thank you so much 🙂

      Obviously there are lots of free ‘n’ norti places to watch GoT and Outlander (I favour solarmovie…) but you can watch Season 1 of Outlander on Netflix – which you could sign up for a free month trial of and then binge watch to your heart’s content before cancelling without paying a cent. GoT is a bit harder with only paid options available – iTunes, Quickflix, dvd etc.

      I have quite a collection of little bottles of things I’ve swiped from hotels and I was wondering what to do with them when I came across an article about a charity called Every Little Bit Helps that collects and distributes them to women’s shelters and homeless http://www.elbh.co/

      To answer your questions:

      Day 1
      I initially wrote what I needed to do on a little cheat sheet that I kept in my pocket. After the first 3 or 4 temples, I had it down pat!

      Day 5
      All of the temples have loos and there are public toilets dotted here and there around the place. I was lucky in that I didn’t need to pee when I was up any of the mountains (well, I did, but I managed to hold it). I guess boys just go in the forest and some girls do too. I was a little bit conscious of not drinking too much to avoid the needing to pee all the time thing.

      Day 6
      Alas, no chance for a rest day. I had mountains to climb and places to be! I’ll put it up as soon as I can.
      I’m hoping to get the next part of my pilgrimage done after my next work trip in September-ish.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I love it xx

  5. Ohhhhh thanks for telling me about Solarmovie.

    I used to use FrostWire to get movies and what not. But then there was that huge crack down and I could no longer find stuff on Frost Wire.
    Then I got scared and removed it from my computer.

    Although I heard on the radio this morning that GoT has had a massive amount of illegal downloads via torrents. So they are obviously going nice and strong.

    I could go onto Quickflix and binge watch GoT (should I like it) in one month and not renew. I think it’s only $10/month.
    I’ve already been with them in the past so I can’t get a free month of viewing.

    I haven’t tried Netflix as yet, I’ll go there next.
    I have used STAN for the one month free trial and it was fine.
    I joined it just to watch the IT crowd.

    That ELBH site is wonderful. That’s such a great thing to do for people. ❤

    I didn't want to just say thanks for your posts about your pilgrimage. I had so many questions to ask you or things I wanted to say to you.

    Thank you so much for answering my questions. Especially the toilet one. 😀

    I have finished reading Day 6 and OMG my heart was in my throat when I read about your walking on that new track.

    Between reading what you were thinking/feeling and seeing the photos.
    You did VERY well. My anxiety would have gone through the roof and again I would have curled up in a ball and cried.
    I am a sook. *face palm*

    I love the crane stamp. I'm so glad Osamu told you about it.

    That river photo is gorgeous, the colour is wonderful. It looks like a nice place to swim. 🙂

    I had a giggle about the pilgrim in the cable car.
    I will admit I would have thought the same as you.

    Osamu wasn't joking when he mentioned the hot bath.

    I wasn't keen on that B&B, the toilet thing freaked me out.
    It would be my luck if I was squatting I've fall over. That was good they had a western toilet.
    Not being able to lock the door would have worried me too.

    I am really looking forward to Day 7. 😀 😀

    I honestly love your blog posts about Japan.

    That is so exciting your next pilgrimage will be later this year.

    How long will the next one take you to complete?

    1. Thanks again for the wonderfully detailed comment 🙂

      The problem with GoT on Quickflix is that you have to pay for each episode or season pass on top of the base $10/mth which kind of defeats the whole purpose of it, right? Lots of their shows and movies are like that and it felt like a tease when I signed up for the free month so I quickly cancelled! Lol. The problem with GoT is they make it so hard/expensive to watch and that’s why Australians keep illegally watching it.

      No, I’ve never seen the IT crowd. I used Stan to watch season 2 of ‘Better Call Saul’ and then cancelled. But they did have a fair few things to watch. I’m waiting for the new season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix which should be coming soon?

      The next prefecture is the longest one so I’m thinking it will take about 12-14 days to complete (depending on whether I have a rest day in there or not). I hope work won’t get too shitty about me taking that amount of time off.

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