There’s another one there

Day 1 of Ohenro is up there in the menu, if you’re not templed out already.

If you are, here is a picture of an exquisite dish I had in Kyoto – complete with plum blossoms and an octopus egg sac.



5 thoughts on “There’s another one there

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  1. The food looks beautifully presented, but what is on offer is *shudders*
    I think I’ve mentioned my extremely bland palate in the past. *hangs head in shame*

    Did you love Japanese food before you went to live there or did you acquire the taste for their delights?

    1. Nothing to be ashamed of. I was brought up on chicken nuggets and mashed potato smothered in tomato sauce. The most exotic thing I used to eat was butter chicken from the Indian takeaway place.

      I used to think seaweed tasted like fish food and I honestly thought when I first arrived in Japan that I was going to starve. I lived on yoghurt and bananas for quite a while. I can’t really remember when I started liking things or craving some of the weirder things that I now love.
      I think it also helped that I was quite young and my palate wasn’t set in stone. I’d imagine it takes longer to acquire tastes the older you are (not making any comment about your age, of course! )

  2. Maybe your taste buds decided Bananas and Yogurt was too dull and time for a change.

    It’s a bit odd that I do have such bland tastes as we didn’t grow up eating meat and 3 veg,
    Mum was always making foods from all over the world. We had the interesting meals.
    My sister will eat all kinds of different foods.

    I do feel very old some days, instead of 47yrs old I feel 147. LOL

    Ewwww not far off 50. *sighs*
    I didn’t have a midlife crisis at 40 so I might have one when I turn 50. 😀

    1. Hahaha..maybe. My grandmother did a lot of the cooking for my sister and I when we were growing up so there was a lot of meat & 3 veg, sausages & 3 veg, rissoles & 3 veg, steak and kidney, shepherd’s pie etc. She has never eaten pasta in her life and only eats rice in desserts. Bless her.
      I totally get the feeling old thing. I tend to want to hang out with childless people and that generally means people younger than me and then I *really* feel old. I’m only a few months off 40 and trying not to think about it.

  3. Turning 40 wasn’t as bad as I thought.
    Although my Mum kept going on about how ‘old’ I was going to be.

    I was kind of disappointed I didn’t have a midlife crisis and buy a red sports car. Or run off with a younger man.

    I might keep those two in mind for when I’m 50.
    Although my OH is younger than me so I already have that sorted. hehehe

    He’s only 2yrs younger than me, but hey, he’s younger. 😛

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