You know what would cheer me up?


And I discovered on the weekend that Kazami Ranki, one of the shibari grand masters, is coming to Perth to do workshops in July.

And I really want to go!

It’s times like this when I wish I had a friend who knew rope and was in need of a bunny on a regular basis. M has given me his blessings to indulge in rope in whatever and however way I see fit, so I’ve put out a general distress call on fetlife for someone to tie me up.

What a girl has to do to get tied up!

The recent spate of earthquakes around the world has been devastating. Ecuador now seems to be much worse off than Japan. I got in touch with the last of my clients today and things are ok. I hope things settle down now for a while.

I’ve put Ohenro day 4 up. 3 days left.


One thought on “You know what would cheer me up?

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  1. I should read from the top downwards.
    I asked about your suppliers you’d not been able to contact. So please ignore that question in the other post. 🙂

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