Crisis averted

I have a ropey top to tie me up in July! Yay for desperate messages on fetlife.

Unfortunately the workshop needs minimum numbers of attendees so I don’t actually know if they will be going ahead. I can haz sum rope pleaz?

It’s a long weekend in Australia and I went to the gym and did body pump and cx works this morning. It has been a loooong time since I’ve done those particular classes and I’m expecting to be incredibly sore tomorrow. I used to be a pump bunny who had 30kg on her bar during squats. Now I’ve got 7kg on my bar and I’m barely making it to the end of the track. Yeah…

I’d planned on going to the gym yesterday as well, but a 9:30am dentist appointment put a spanner in those works. I was at the dentists for and hour and a half for a clean and scale! An hour and a half!!! I was getting to the stage that I couldn’t take it any more when she finally announced that she was done. Due to my heart murmur I have to have a big dose of antibiotics before ‘invasive’ dental treatment so for the rest of the day I was zonked out. It’s a weird sensation that they give me, kind of like being overtired combined with low blood sugar vagueness.

Why the sudden gym bunny behaviour you ask? Well…rope in July. I’ve got two and a half months to make myself presentable and try and get my core strength up a bit. The race is on!

I put day 5 up there as well.


5 thoughts on “Crisis averted

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  1. I really hope July goes ahead, will be very disappointing if it doesn’t go ahead. 😦

    1½hrs for scale and clean? WTF?
    Was she on FB most of that time? LOL

    I had one a couple of months ago and it took about 10mins.

    1. You’ll be disappointed? I’ll be so sad that I’ll have to go on a pilgrimage or something to get over it 🙂

      I know, right? My usual appt. is 30 mins tops. She was a noob, but still…And M was sitting outside in the car waiting for me and I think that was what was stressing me the most. I could just *feel* his impatience emanating from the car park! Lol.

  2. I’m surprised M didn’t come in, glowering at the dentist. 😛

    That’s still an awfully long time for a newbie to do a S&C.
    Don’t they learn how to do that in 20mins flat at Dentistry school?
    Lucky she wasn’t doing a filling or extraction. You’d still be there the next day. 😉

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