Great walls

About a month ago I spent five days in China and a day in Taiwan. Yes, a workplace has an unspoken rule that all business trips must be as tightly packed and tiring as possible. It's like the company is run by travel masochists. I spent most of my time in China in an inland rural... Continue Reading →

Words, glorious words!

I miss writing sometimes. It's a dull ache that I feel regularly, but most of the time I can ignore it. I can go for weeks or months on occasion, but at some point it becomes a song that hums inside me until I give it a voice. I'd imagine it's a bit like how some... Continue Reading →

All that bites

Two months ago M and I moved into a new apartment. When I say 'new', it's actually a fairly old complex with 60 units and it's a place I'd had my eye on for several years. I thought it would be perfect because it ticked just about all of my boxes: fantastic bathtub? tick, double... Continue Reading →

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