When in doubt, do whale karaoke

That title sounds a bit like something the Cohen brothers would write. Not saying that I’m up there in their league, because golly gosh, they write some truly awesome dialogue, doncha’ know, but they also like to throw in some wtf moments as well. (I’m still trying to figure out what that robot was all about in the latest season of Fargo.)

I’ve been doing some marathon tv watching recently. I watched season 5 of OITNB in 2 days, devoured 13 Reasons Why in a weekend, polished off two seasons of Versailles in a week, I’m done with the Handmaid’s tale, almost done with Better Call Saul & Fargo and now I’ve got nothing until GoT next month.

Fortunately, to fill that tv void in my life, I’m off to Japan again next month for work. Just when you thought I couldn’t write anything more about Japan,  I’ll come back with some more quirky tales about whales doing karaoke or some such stuff.

Speaking of Japan, my assistant whom I lovingly refer to as my minion, has decided to head back to her home country and abandon me after 4 years. This meant that I had to hire a new minion and I’m currently in the process of training breaking her in. It’s very hard to replace my old minion but I have high hopes for new minion because she seems to be almost as quirky as I am and disturbingly similar. But why the Japan connection? Well, old minion is going on an epic three-month journey before she heads home, taking in India, China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. I’m not sure what she is expecting from Japan, but I hope I haven’t raised her expectations too high. I’m generally like a cat on catnip when I talk about Japan and she’s done some amazingly epic travel already like hiking through the Amazon and going to Machu Picchu etc. Anyway, I’m super sad about losing old minion already and I’m probably going to be a blubbering mess when her last day finally comes.

Day 16 and Day 17 of Ohenro are also up for your pilgrimage pleasure.

6 thoughts on “When in doubt, do whale karaoke

Add yours

  1. Would a small hand held GPS unit help you navigate?
    Do you have a map app in your cellphone?
    Just curious.

  2. I LOVE your Japan stories. I’ll never go there and you love it so much it’s exciting to read and it’s even better that you take piccies as well. 😀
    Bugger about old minion leaving. 😦
    I hope your new one will be just as awesome.

    1. Yeah…I’m certainly not happy about old minion leaving. She has been awesome and it will be like losing a friend…

  3. I can’t comment on the actual post but I’m so glad to see Day 18; looking forward to the remaining days. 😀

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