Japan Part 14

If anyone asks M if he liked Japan, you’ll see his eyes light up and he’ll respond:

“I loved it!”

And you know why???

Boots, boots & more boots.

Or to be more specific, girls in slutty clothes and boots are EVERYWHERE.

Case in point: remember the 3,500 or so photos we took during the 15 days? Well, there are a lot of pics of random girls in boots he snapped while we were walking around.

Like this:

And this:

And this:

And quite often he’d get more than one pair of boots in a shot that I like to call a ‘two-shot’:

And sometimes he’d get a ‘three-shot’:

And again:

And sometimes you’d look at a pic and wonder what he was taking a pic of and then it dawns on you:

And sometimes the subject of his interest would be painfully obvious:

Also apparently any boots will do:

Even if they’re ugly boots (as long as they come with cute socks):

And sometimes they don’t even need to be boots:

And sometimes, just a skanky ho look was enough to stimulate him to take a pic:

And sometimes, just sometimes, if you’re his slut in boots you get your picture taken too:

But out of all the sluts in boots – and there were many – M decided his favourite was this lovely specimen:

(Just bear in mind this is a very SMALL selection of the actual number of random chicks on the streets he took a photo of…)

If anyone asks me if I enjoyed Japan, I answer in a very similar way to M – except for different reasons. One of which is the abundance of cheap alcohol and nibblies available at izakaya everywhere. Izakaya are drinking establishments with cheap drinks & food and are unlike any drinking establishments we have in Australia. Most of the time in Australia if you go to a bar, there is no food (I don’t class peanuts and chips as food) and if you order a drink other than beer,  you’ll get a receipt that looks like this:

Some of my favourite izakaya are chain izakayas that have big flashy menus, a variety of drinks and food, food, food. We went to tsubohachi in Kyoto (I totally forgot to write about it before) and it boasted a six-page drink menu offering everything from beer, wine, sake, whiskey, shochuu, cocktails, fruit wines, frozen parfait cocktails, fresh fruit drinks where you squeeze your own fruit into your alcohol and soft drinks.

There was also a ten page food menu with oodles of nibblies ranging from $2 – $9 with most around $3-$5. The main menu changes every season and they have regular special menus so there is always something new to try. You can get totally drunk and ridiculously full for $30 at these places. Long live the izakaya!

Other reasons why I enjoy Japan include the endless supplies of melon bread available and all the little quirky things I’ve blogged about in the Quirky Japan series.

There’s just one post remaining in this Japan Trip series and it’s one that will feed the geek in me – stay tuned for excruciating detail about travelling to/in Japan to come…

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  1. Publicly posting photos of people who didn’t even consent to having photos of themselves taken in the first place is rather bad form. At least you didn’t put them on bootwhores.com or something, but that’s still not much of an excuse. (Note: I tried checking to see if that was an actual site and it redirected me to a non-porn site called makingtattoo.com. WTF?)

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