And the winner is….

Sephani Paige!!!

I hereby crown you smartipants of the innernets!! So put your badge on girl and walk the streets with pride 🙂

Sephani was the first to correctly guess, but Biddable and hisflower also get a special mention for correctly guessing that number 2 (that I’d secretly had a couple of releases since I was put on orgasm restriction) was not true.

Biddable also gets bonus points for stating that I wouldn’t be silly enough to out myself on the innernets. Damn right I wouldn’t! While I generally have no problems with sharing embarrassing facts about myself (re: my habit of taking reading material to the toilet etc.) I won’t admit to being a bad girl to an audience when my ass is on the line.

Although the thought of sneaking in a quick release has crossed my mind more than once, I haven’t managed to bring myself to do it…yet…

Thanks for playing 🙂


One thought on “And the winner is….

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  1. Huzzah! Although me shoutin “I’m a winner!” got Master interested so I had to explain it all and now I think I just gave Him a new idea for my earning of orgasms….damn! If it ain’t chickens its feathers!

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