Brunch: Egg Sand

 egg sand

The title doesn’t sound very appetising, but damn did this hit the spot when I had a craving for a Japanese-style egg sandwich this morning. In Japan, sandwiches or ‘sand’ as they are called, can contain some very interesting fillings including strawberries & whipped cream, potato salad and my favourites, tuna & mayo and egg & mayo. I often used to buy egg sandwiches from convenience stores and whenever they had a ‘combo sand’ (one half of a tuna & mayo and one half of an egg & mayo sand) I was in sand heaven.

To make a decent egg sand, you need Japanese mayonnaise and that means kewpie.

kewpie mayo

There is NEVER a time when there is no kewpie mayo in my fridge. Don’t be distracted by the bland bottle and non-existent food appeal. This stuff is SO good it doesn’t need fancy packaging.

Hard boil yourself a couple of eggs and separate the yolks from the white. Mash the yolks up and chop the whites up reasonably finely. Don’t chop them too small, the texture of the chunks of white is GOOD.

yolks & whites

To the yolks, add about a tablespoon of mayo, a pinch of salt, a little sugar, a splash of milk and cracked black pepper. If you want extra creaminess, you can also add a tablespoon or so of skim milk powder. Some people also like to add a touch of mustard for some bite.

add mayo

Mix together until creamy and smooth. You don’t want any lumps in there.

mix until smooth

Add the egg whites to the yolks and mix together. Then pop it in the fridge for at least 20 minutes.

add the whites

While your eggs are chilling, wash and dry yourself some cos lettuce and butter a couple of pieces of nice bread.

dry your lettuce

In Japan, the egg sand and any sand in fact, is always made on white bread with the crusts cut off and no lettuce. In Australia, I like some grains in my bread and something green to make me feel like I’m eating more healthily.

You’ll also need to make yourself something to drink. Might I suggest a really big, ass cappuccino?


By now your egg should be chilled enough and the building of egg sand heaven can begin. Cut your lettuce into smaller manageable pieces and just smear the egg mix on. Put some more cracked pepper on top, snap a couple of pictures for food porn purposes and enjoy!

sand heaven

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  1. Mmm…Japanese mayo… I prefer the Kewpie brand, but there are some cheaper brands too. In Australia, we can buy kewpie at one of the major supermarket chains, Woolworths or at any of the smaller asian grocery stores.

    Ingredients-wise, it’s made from a mix of apple & rice vinegar which are milder than usual vinegar so it tastes creamier and sweeter. I believe there’s also a bit of msg in there too to give it added umami 🙂

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