Day 10

Amount spent: $0   Money spent so far: $43.74   Days remaining: 21

You know you’re starting to get edgy about the pantry challenge when:

a) You peer over your neighbours fence at their chicken coop, lusting after some eggs and start thinking how you’d make it back over to your side of the fence holding said eggs.

b) You peer over your neighbours fence lusting after some grapefruit, lemons and oranges and start thinking how you’d make it back over to your side of the fence holding said fruit.

c) You’re thinking about places you can get free coffee because your supplies of instant coffee are running dangerously low, including, but not limited to, places of work, community centres and McDonalds before 10am in Japan (yes, apparently you can get free coffee there at the moment but methinks the cost of the airfare would make any pantry saving fruitless 😉 )

d) All of the above.

Instead of my endurance gene kicking in and me enjoying the thought of  ‘making do’, I’m actually starting to stress a little. It’s not that we don’t have things to eat, (in fact I don’t think the pantry/freezer supplies have shrunk much at all!) it’s just that we don’t have specific things that make life easier, like instant coffee and spreadable butter. Of course we have cappuccino coffee and butter-butter, but the convenience of it is not there. Maybe I’m just too much of a convenience girl.

Brekky – Crumpets for Master. Omelette for me (yes, I eat a lot of omelettes and mostly it’s because the protein:calorie ratio of eggs is good and I’m trying to keep my carbs down…just in case anyone was wondering…)

Lunch – Fruit for Master. Pineapple and a piece of scrummy italian bread toasted for me.

Dinner – Sausages, baked beans, chips and an egg for Master. Piece of grilled fish with dukkah and veggies with soya bean and cabbage miso soup for me. (I’m going to squeeze in a piece of my lemon slice as well 🙂 )

Read about Day 9 here .

4 thoughts on “Day 10

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  1. I was just looking at the amount spent so far and how many days you have left. I felt a little tense on your behalf. I know that’s weird, but hey, I AM weird. LOL

    1. Hey weirdo!


      I think we’ll make it, but just. Two more weekly shops of $25 each and we’ll be there. I’m not quite sure how we’re going to cook lunch for 9 people on the 30th though…I’m trying not to think about it.

  2. OMG 9 people? *hands brown paper bag to kitten to start breathing into* LOL
    I’ll be interested to read how that goes… 🙂

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