Day 11

Spent: $0  Amount spent so far:$43.74  Days remaining: 20

Brekky – Crumpets for Master. Porridge for me.

Lunch – Half a tub of yoghurt, muesli and fruit for me. Leftover tinned spaghetti & cheese (from Sunday brekky) and fruit for Master.

Dinner – Ricotta ravioli (from freezer), leftover tomato & chilli sauce with parmesan cheese for me. Some unimaginative motel food for Master.

I also scoffed a couple of yatsuhashi & the remainder of the trimmings from the lemon bars. I walked home from the station (about 10km) and I was starving (and obviously had some calories left over) so down the hatch they went. Mmmmmm….

In order to remedy the instant coffee situation (well, just to ensure we’ve got enough for when Master comes home) I’m resolving to wake a little earlier and make myself a cappuccino for the next couple of days…lol.

Read about Day 10 here.

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