Day 12

Spent: $1.40   Amount spent so far: $45.14   Days remaining: 19

Master informed me on msn today that he’d bought a couple of breadrolls to have for lunch and I responded with a slightly strained question, “HOW MUCH WERE THEY???” (although you can’t really convey strained on msn…) as I mentally ran through the list of everything in the house that we are running low on and will need to buy in the next shopping trip. But fortunately they were only $1.40 and won’t break the budget.

Brekky – Porridge and cappuccino for me! Cereal for Master.

Lunch – My usual yoghurt, muesli and fruit. Leftover chicken schnitzel in a roll and fruit for Master.

Dinner – ‘Beans & shit’ soup with a piece of italian bread for me. Another bad motel meal for Master.

I also polished off the 3 remaining yatsuhashi ( I can hear the shouts of glee from Master 300kms away…) after dinner, so I’ll need to make something for sweets. Maybe some more caramel puddings or something.

Tomorrow I’m thinking about pasta with olives, sundried tomatoes and chicken or maybe prawns with artichoke hearts and something. I feel like something a bit mediterranean-ish.

Master said he was thinking about us going for vietnamese. I gave him a strained, ‘WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIT IT IN THE BUDGET!!!’ (if we bought nothing for the next 19 days…) but then he said he didn’t want to go because I’d ‘spoiled it for him’! Lol. I don’t think he’s familiar with the meaning of the word term ‘challenge’.

Read about Day 11 here.


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