Day 13

Spent: $0   Spent so far: $45.14   Days remaining: 18

Brekky – Porridge with cappuccino for me and cereal for Master.

Lunch – Tuna on wholemeal crackers & lettuce with fruit for me. Beans and shit soup for Master.

Dinner – A divine chicken, asparagus & sundried tomato risotto made by Master and caramel pudding for dessert.

I think we made an executive decision not to include the poodle pup’s food in the challenge as his chicken frames and pedigree biscuits are just not frugal at all. Instead of a ‘household of three’ on the challenge, we are officially a household of two with a gourmet dog.

7 thoughts on “Day 13

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    1. Oh, he has stolen more than a bread roll – we’re talking entire loaves of bread, an entire block of chocolate, an easter bunny ( in fact he ate the entire contents of an easter care package I got from my family one year) packets of biscuits and anything else he can reach.

      Fortunately in his old age he’s not as nimble as he used to be and things are a little safer now!

    1. I was sooooo angry@chocolate thieving. What surprised me the most was he was absolutely fine after consuming all of that including the aluminium foil, plastic wrappers and all – not to mention the whole chocolate is poison for dogs thing!

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