Day 14

My super-dooper, uber funky bathroom scales broke! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The poodle pup over-enthusiastically welcomed me home the other afternoon and snapped my bus/train card in two! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! (and just for the record, sticky-taping it back together doesn’t make it work again…I tried it and failed…)

So it’s been a bit of a week of fails.

Brekky – Crumpets for me and Master.

Lunch – Seafood risotto for Master. Tuna & tomato on a wholemeal muffin with melted cheese for me (yummo!)

Dinner – After discussions with Master we’ve decided on salmon, capers & sundried tomatoes tossed through pasta. Doesn’t that sound divine???

Speaking of melted cheese, it’s been a while since I used the griller to do anything because our griller is very temperamental. Usually you have to spend about 10mins trying to light the gas and then sometimes it goes out or you get a cramp in your finger from holding in the ignition switch. The trouble of trying to turn it on generally discourages the creation of anything that needs grilling (which is a shame because melted cheese should be a food group of its own…)

Thinking about the last time it was used makes me giggle. Master wanted to toast some crumpets and the griller is the only way to get them brown and crunchy without turning them black, so I said if he wanted them in the griller he would have to light it. While he was attempting to do that I wandered off somewhere and a few minutes heard this amazing, “WHHHHOOOMP!!!” sound from the kitchen.

Yes he had managed to ignite the griller but he’d also managed to burn ever piece of hair off his arm and nearly his eyebrows. The smell of burnt hair just filled the house. It wasn’t actually funny at the time as I though he’d burned himself badly (but he turned out to be okay) but in retrospect it was highly amusing. If I had the money, I’d rip out the wall oven and replace it with a lovely and convenient fan-forced convection oven and griller.

I’m really in the mood for salad so methinks salad ingredients will need to be purchased at this week’s shop. I’m also craving Indian kheer (rice pudding) for some reason. Seriously, you would think I’m pregnant the way I have a craving for something and can’t get it out of my head (I’m not by the way). I found a recipe and we pretty much have all the ingredients (minus the rose water, pistachio nuts and almonds…lol..actually all we have is the coconut milk, cardamon, sugar and milk) so some making will take place. A good ‘how to’ video from the BBC here.

Read about Day 13 here.

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