Day 15

Spent: $39.42    Amount spent so far: $83.16    Days Remaining: 16

Eeeeeep! Damn the instant coffee, splenda and assorted butters! Today’s purchases:


2 litres lite milk: $2.59, 2 litres ‘man milk’: $2.59,100g  instant coffee: $5.13, spreadable butter: $3.91, unsalted butter x 2: $3.98, ‘man custard’: $2.72, ‘man evaporated milk for porridge’: $1.70, splenda (not in pic): $3.45. A grand sum of: $26.07

fruit & veg

2 x dozen eggs: $3.98 (super special!), capsicum: 52c, carrots: $1.39, tomatoes: 36c, mandarins: $2.24, onions: $2.40, apples: $1.19, lettuce: $1.29. For a grand total of $13.35.

Okay, it was a big spend, but there’s really only one more shop left in the challenge and things like the butter & coffee will last for several weeks. I think we can, I think we can, I think we can! Positive thinking everyone!

Master is planning on making an apple pie with the left over apples from last week, hence the butter.

Brekky – One egg with tomato and wholemeal muffin for me. 2 egg omelette, baked beans with cheese and toast for Master.

Lunch – Miso soup with cabbage, carrot & edamame for me.  Not sure about Master – nothing so far.

Dinner – Hmm….maybe leftovers of the pasta and/or risotto for me. Beef hamburger for Master.

BTW, here are some pics and the recipe for last night’s scrummy pasta:

Salmon, sun-dried tomatoes & capers with spiral pasta.

scrummy pasta

(Serves 2)

200g pasta

125g salmon

1/2 cup of sun-dried tomatoes in oil

2 tbs capers

chilli flakes (to taste)

grated parmesan (optional)

Put on the pasta to boil and chop up the salmon and sun-dried tomatoes. Put the salmon in a separate bowl.

When the pasta is nearly cooked, pour a few ladles of the pasta water over the salmon to poach it. Mix all other ingredients with the salmon.

Drain pasta and toss together with everything.

Top with parmesan cheese and lots of cracked pepper. Voila!

pasta closeup

Read about Day 14 here.

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