Day 16

Spent: $0   Amount spent so far: $83.16    Days remaining: 15

I’ve been making a lot of miso soup recently due to the chilly weather and the fact that it fills me up, but is low in the calories department. For lunch yesterday I rustled up this one with veggies we had on hand (you can of course use any veggies such as potatoes, onions, spinach etc.):

miso soup

For a big bowl for one person (or two proper servings in miso soup bowls for two people) in addition to 50g of carrots and 80g of cabbage, you’ll need these ingredients as well:

japanese ingredients

80g of edamame in their pods, 1 tbs of miso, 2-3g of dashi stock (about half a sachet if you have the stick sachets).

It’s easy peasy to make. Just combine the dashi with 400ml of water (Japanese cup measurements are 200ml & a serving of soup is 1 cup so I used two) in a small saucepan then chop up the cabbage and slice the carrot thinly. Add the veggies to the stock (leave the edamame in their pods) and simmer until soft.

Finally turn the heat off and dissolve the miso into the soup. Have a quick taste and add more if you think the flavour is not strong enough. The easiest way to dissolve the miso is to put it in a ladle and to keep adding small amounts of the soup stirring as you go until it’s all dissolved.

Once you’ve eaten the cabbage and carrot and drunk the soup, you can then squeeze out the edamame and munch on them . It’s kind of like getting two dishes in one – bonus! All of this for 130cal – double bonus!

I suppose if I was a true domestic goddess I’d be making the stock as well, but somehow I don’t think we’ve got enough left in the budget to buy konbu (thick kelp), niboshi (dried sardines) & katsuobushi (bonito shavings). Well, that’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it! Lol.

Brekky – Porridge for Master. Two egg omelette for me.

Lunch – Roast chicken baked with lemon butter and veggies.

Dinner – Master and I had pieces of the apple pie he baked yesterday…lol.

Read about Day 15 here.


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