Day 17

Spent: $0      Amount spent so far: $83.16      Days remaining: 14

Normally at this time of year we would be tucking into punnet upon punnet of delicious strawberries that are in season. There’s a strawberry farm just up the road from us and we’ve often gone there to purchase some strawberries, not because they’re particularly cheap, but because they are scrummy. At the moment, we can’t quite fit the $5/punnet price into our budget, so every time we are tempted we repeat the same mantra…

“We’ll get some after the challenge…”

I’ve also added a trip to a Japanese supermarket to my list of things to do after the challenge.

And a visit to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant after the challenge.

And somehow I have a feeling that all our good work of being frugal this month is going to go straight out the window after the challenge.

I’m beginning to lose the point of the challenge…lol.

Brekky – I’m not quite sure what Master had. I can’t see the aftermath of his porridge making in the kitchen. I had…yes, you guessed it…an omelette. Am I in a breakfast rut, do you think?

Lunch – Master took some left over chicken and salad. I had the left over pasta from Saturday night, the rest of the leftover chicken,  a wholemeal muffin and 3 snake lollies. I can’t stop eating…AHHH!

Dinner – Master is having sausages. I’m having…umm…nothing because I’ve been eating ALL DAY.

I’ve got my sights set on making lentil curry sometime this week with the 2 cans of lentils that are in the pantry. Apparently they have been there since Master’s former partner lived here so we know that’s at least 3 years.

‘Do you think they’ll be okay?’ I asked Master.

‘Shit yeah, they’re lentils.’

So in the spirit of the challenge, I’m going to put my body on the line and try the lentils. If my blog mysteriously doesn’t get updated for a few days, call an ambulance.

Read about Day 16 here.

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