Day 18

Spent: $0       Amount spent so far: $83.16       Days remaining: 13

Can I tell you a little secret?

I’m a twat.

I was sitting here trying to work out if I’ve missed posting a day or not and I was trying to figure out how I can tell what day we’re up to. So I looked at today’s day and noticed it was the 18th. Then I thought, “Wow, the date and the day of the challenge are the same!!!”

Of course they fucking are – we started on the 1st August…

Yeah, I’m blonde, get over it 🙂

Brekky – Porridge for me. Master had a muffin, baked beans and cheese.

Lunch – My standard yoghurt, muesli & fruit at the office lunch. Master has some fruit.

Dinner – An apparently not-so bad chicken schnitzel with veggies for Master at the motel. I made a scrummy lentil & veggie curry with rice for me.

After eating half the curry I’m still alive, so apparently 3+ year-old lentils are fine for consumption.

Read about Day 17 here.

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