Day 20

Spent: $6.50   Amount spent so far: $91.06  Days remaining: 11

I made a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of gyoza. 49 to be exact because that is precisely the number of gyoza wrappers I had in the freezer. I’ve also shaped the left over filling into a pattie that I might cook for dinner tomorrow while Master has a pork sausage.

Prawn filling on the left and chicken on the right. And in case you were wondering – yes, they look exactly the same.

gyoza filling

Along with the prawn and chicken, there’s also some cabbage, chinese cabbage, garlic, ginger, shiitake, leek, soy sauce & a little sesame oil in there – in case you were wondering what the green stufff was.

Once the suckers are folded into their neat little wrappers they look like this:

gyoza complete

And yes – just in case you were wondering – I am highly talented at folding gyoza.  I also made another plate full that were frozen for next week in addition to these two plates and the pattie in the fridge. As I mentioned, I made a LOT.

So you line them up in a fry pan with some oil in it to brown their botties:

browning their botties

Then you add water and put a lid on the pan and leave them to steam:

water for steaming

And once all the water has evaporated you have yummy cooked gyoza.

all done

Which you flip upside down to serve like so:

good enough to eat

And dip into a sauce made with 1 part soy sauce, 1 part rice vinegar and a few drops of la-yu (chilli oil)

la yu

I make good gyoza – in case you were wondering 🙂

Brekky – Porridge for me. Cereal for Master.

Lunch – Lentil curry and fruit for me. Take away chicken schnitzel burger for Master @$6.50.

Dinner – Gyoza with rice and miso soup for both of us.


Read about Day 19 here.

3 thoughts on “Day 20

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  1. OMG they look delicious as well, I’m sure you are just teasing me. 😛

    Eeeeeeekkkkkkk not much money left and still 11 days to go. I hope you can find more three year old lentils to eat. 😉

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