Day 21

Spent: $3.98  Spent so far: about $95.04    Days remaining: 10

I believe I have been, in pantry challenge vocabulary terms, sabotaged.

Master caved and apparently had a chicken burger on the way home yesterday. That added an extravagant $6.50 to our spendings. Today we bought 2 x 2 litres of milk@ $3.98. That leaves us with exactly not enough money to buy the ingredients we need to make food for our luncheon with friends next weekend.

Ho hum.

I don’t blame him for having a burger. I know he likes them and as he finishes up on his worksite next week, he won’t have many chances to have another one. But still…ya’know…I’m a bit disappointed.

In order to recover the situation, we can either (a) declare that a man’s chicken burgers are not part of the challenge, (b) declare that the luncheon is not part of the challenge – allowing us to buy lots of yummy things to serve up or (c) call the whole pantry challenge thing off and buy everything I’ve been wanting to eat for the past month, but haven’t had funds to do so and finally sleep peacefully at night because I’m not worrying about whether we’ll ‘make it’ or not.

I dunno. I’m a bit…”WTF?” at the moment…Being an ‘all or nothing’ kind of person I’m very tempted to take option ‘c’ and race out for some strawberries because it’s all ruined now. Yeah…I dunno…

Brekky – Omelette for me. English muffin with jam for Master.

Lunch – English muffin with honey for me. Pork sausage with baked beans & cheese for Master.

Dinner – Beef hamburger on toast with onions, tomato & cheese for Master. Gyoza filling pattie with teriyaki sauce, green salad, miso soup and rice for me.

gyoza pattie

Yes, it was as nice as it looked 🙂

Read about Day 20 here.

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