Day 22

Spent: $0   Spent so far: $95.04    Days remaining: 9

We had a bit of a talk about what to do and we’veMaster has come to the decision that the luncheon on the 30th should be excluded from the challenge (I think mostly due to the legal implications of serving three-year-old lentils to friends..teehee.) So we’re going to forge ahead with the remaining $4.96c for the next 9 days.

(I’m secretly rejoicing as I can now gorge myself  on the remaining stocks of eggs as we don’t need to save them to make the lasagna sheets for the ricotta lasagna that is on the menu! Yay! Bring on the omelettes!)

Master read my post yesterday about my sleepness nights spent worrying about whether we would make it or not and was highly amused by how ‘seriously’ I’m taking the challenge. Pfffftt! As if I would take it anything else but seriously!Really, I’m such a goodie-two-shoes that it’s quite painful.

Last night I made a simplified version of annin doufu (douhua in Chinese) using agar agar, milk & almond essence.

kanten packet

I used the powdered version as that’s what we had in the pantry, but normally you get it in sticks that you soak in water and then heat to dissolve.

Simple Annin Doufu (makes 4 small ramekins)

2g of agar agar powder (about a teaspoon) or 4g of agar sticks

200ml water

300ml milk (I used 1.4% low fat)

4 tbs sugar (I used 4 packets of splenda)

a few drops of almond essence

Put the water and agar agar powder in a small saucepan and heat over a medium heat until all the powder has dissolved and the liquid becomes clear.

Take it off the heat and add milk and sugar. Put back on low heat and bring to the boil stirring constantly.

Once it has boiled, remove from heat and stand saucepan in a bowl of cold water. Stir in essence and sugar. Change the water when it gets warm and keep cooling the saucepan while stirring the mixture until you can touch the bottom with your hand (don’t walk away and leave it as it happens quite quickly and the mix will immediately start to set.)


Pour into four ramekins that have been rinsed out with water (this stops it sticking). Pop any bubbles that are present on the surface if you’re anal about having pretty puddings. I’m not anal about bubbles so I left them there.

Decorate tops with fruit. I used pineapple pieces and a mandarin that I segmented and removed the pithy skin from. I’m anal about pretty-looking fruit, so I stood there with a parring knife and tried to peel the tiny, tiny segments and it sort of worked. Any fruit in a tin is good, as is fresh fruit. (Yes, I got a bit happy with the decoration…)

after decoration

Traditionally a sugar syrup made with sugar and water that has been boiled and cooled is poured on top before they are served. If you are using tinned fruit in syrup, you could just use that syrup instead. I used pineapple pieces in juice and no sugar syrup so these little babies are only 50cal each! (and really, I think with the sweetness of the fruit you don’t need it…)

Agar agar is also a brilliant fibre source and has no calories, so if you’re looking for some diet slavegruel, this is a good one.

Once I’d made them, Master politely informed me that he hates almond essence (which is really bizarre because I’ve made these before from a packet mix and he scoffed two of them without a murmur…) so all four ARE MINE!!! MWWWAAAAHHHHH!

Brekky – Omelette for me. Concrete porridge for Master.

Lunch – English muffin for me. Master made himself some sausages rolls by rolling cheese, onion & sausages up in puff pastry and baking them. They smelled scrummy.

Dinner- Home-made raviolli out of the freezer with a tomato sauce I made and Master didn’t like.

Read about Day 21 here.

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