Day 23

Spent: $0  Amount spent so far: $95.04  Days remaining: 8

Remember a few days ago when I said I was lusting over oranges that I could see in our neighbours yard? Well, I went jungle in our garden and managed to reach the fence and snipped off the 8 oranges that were within my reach! Lol.

Unfortunately, they are very tart, so I decided to juice 6 of them and make orange jelly with the agar powder. Mmmm…free oranges and orange jelly that only has 33cal per serve!!! Double yay!

orange kanten

Basically I dissolved the agar powder in 200ml of water over a low heat and added that to 300ml of orange juice. Voila! I’m imagining this would be a good thing to make in summer.

The reason I’ve been so into agar jelly at the moment is due to two reasons: (1) we have no fruit or ice cream in the house and I need something for dessert (2) I need low calorie stuff because I’ve been gorging my face on other things.

(And yes, in case you’re not familiar with agar, it is the same stuff that you grew bacteria in at high school in chemistry class, but it does also make the best, firm jelly this side of anywhere! As a bonus, it sets in about 30mins as opposed to 6hrs for gelatine. Have I sold you yet?)

The last couple of days I’ve had an insatiable appetite and last night I even went so far as taking the easter eggs (the little foil-wrapped ones) I’ve had in the fridge since easter, out of the fridge and staring at them for 10 minutes while I decided whether I should break my diet and scoff some or whether I should have something else. I angsted for 10 more minutes while I read the nutritional panel and thought about how bad they would be for me and my diet, but how lovely they would taste in my mouth. I eventually put them back and toasted myself a wholemeal muffin and put some honey on it. It wasn’t a huge saving in calories, but I somehow felt better eating something that had ‘wholemeal’ in the name instead of something that had ‘caramello’ in the name and pictures of bunnies wearing waistcoats on it.

Brekky – Omelette for me. Sausage, tomato and egg for Master.

Lunch – Roast chicken wings and salad for me. Sardines on toast for Master.

Dinner – Tuna salad and miso soup for me. Master made a pizza with a pizza base we had in the freezer, the left-over tomato sauce from last night, mozzarella cheese and anchovies.


I had a little sliver of his pizza and it was truly, truly orgasmic. It’s times like this I HATE being on a diet…

Read about Day 22 here.

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