Day 25

Spent: ??? Amount remaining: $95.04  Days remaining: 6

So Master believes that he has learned the lessons that the pantry challenge has to offer, so now it’s a free-for-all. He bought chicken and chips for lunch somewhere near his work at a cost of I-have-no-fucking-idea. Sure, it’s okay for me to be surviving on the wrinkled-up lettuce out of the bottom of the fridge because I’m staying true to the challenge while he buys whatever the hell he wants because, you guessed it, I’m wearing the shiny thingie.

Master has also defended his lunch purchases by claiming that he’s not buying anything to ‘add to the pantry’ therefore it doesn’t count. I’m thinking it’s a good thing that he didn’t decide to practice law afterall because that sort of a defense is as flimsy as it is laughable. But then again, he still thinks I’m taking it all too seriously.

Remember that 5-minute chocolate cake in a mug recipe that did the e-mail round ages ago? (I command you to google it now if you’re the only person in the entire world who didn’t get the e-mail and immediately make one.) I had a hankering for one today and thought after my mammoth 2-hour walk home that I’d have enough calories left over to have one. So I plugged in all the ingredients and just as  I was almost tasting it in my mouth from anticipation, the depressing figure of nearly 800cal!!!! popped up on my screen. 800cal!?!?!? OMG…I used to have a couple of those a week…

So I made do with a serve of my orange kanten and a cup of rooibos tea instead. It wasn’t nearly as tasty, but 33cal vs. 800cal?? You do the math.

Brekky – Crumpets for Master. Porridge for me.

Lunch – Tuna & salad for me. Chicken and chips for Master.

Dinner – Mushroom soup/sauce and steak for Master. Left-over pasta with seafood for me.

Read about Day 24 here.

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