Day 27

Spent: $3.98     Amount spent so far: $101.02     Days remaining: ??

I got busy when we got home this afternoon with prepping the salmon I bought yesterday:

salmon carcass

I lightly poached it to get the flesh off the bones and ended up with a bowl of scrummy salmon flakes:

salmon after poaching

3/4 of the flakes went into the scrummy risotto that Master made for dinner. The remaining quarter will get mixed with potatoes & miso as a dish for dinner tomorrow night.

Then I butterflied the head so we can bake it tomorrow as well. Not bad for $2.


butterflied head

One really important part of Japanese cooking is using as much as possible of something that has given its life to provide you with dinner. Heads are baked, skin & bones are grilled or deep fried until they become a crispy snack, fins can be grilled and added to flavour hot sake. When it comes to four-legged creatures, innards including intestines, stomachs, heart, liver etc. are all cooked up and eaten at special restaurants. It’s not something that is limited to Japanese food culture of course, but I think it’s a great way of being respectful to food.

I bought milk today and that officially pushed us over the $100, so I guess if we were going strictly by the rules, that would be the challenge over and done with. But all in all, I think we’ve done reasonably well getting this far for a couple that used to spend about $150 a week. More importantly, Master has now made an announcement that he realises that we ‘don’t need to buy something if we’re not going to use it straight away’. I tend to notice that things that are bought and that don’t get used straight away get pushed to the back of the pantry and forgotten, so this is a very positive thing.

Brekky – Crumpets for me. Cereal for Master.

Lunch – Left-over pizza and fruit for me. His last ever chicken burger for Master.

Dinner – Salmon risotto and tinned pineapple for dessert.

Read about Day 26 here.

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