Day 3

Spent: $0 Amount left to Spend: $87.65 Days remaining: 28

Breakfast: Master had crumpets and coffee. I had a two egg omelette with capsicum, tomato and jalapenos with a cappuccino. (Obviously I’m getting my appetite back!)

Lunch: A couple of mandarins and a pear for me. Master: nothing.

Dinner: Somewhere between thinking about buying milk to make a creamy soup for dinner and actually making dinner, I decided to watch porn and so a release quickly followed and thoughts of walking to the shops died a slow death. 

So, instead, I decided to save the remaining milk for breakfast tomorrow and cook something with ingredients in the house. I had spicy miso & sesame stirfry with chicken, cabbage and capsicum, mung bean sprouts with soy sauce, white rice & wakame miso soup. The chicken was from freezer and all other ingredients were in the fridge or pantry. I’m planning on an orange for dessert later. Master had dinner at his hotel (courtesy of his company).

I love eating Japanese style. Having lots of different things in different little bowls always makes me feel like I’m eating more than I actually am. The stirfry was something I used to make a lot in Japan and was one of my ex’s favourites. I don’t think I’ve made it or eaten it in about 3 years, so it turned out to be a trip down memory lane!

I like to roast my own sesame seeds in a frypan and then grind them up with a mortar and pestle. Add 1 tbs of miso, 1 tbs of sake, 1/2 tbs of soy sauce and 1 tsp of toban djan (chinese chilli paste) and that’s the sauce. Normally you fry the veggies and chicken in sesame oil before adding the sauce, but to save calories I put 1/3 cup of dashi in the pan, put in the ingredients and ‘steamed’ them. Then I just tossed through the sauce and voila. (I also omitted the normal 1 tbs of sugar that goes in the sauce – savings calories again! – but it doesn’t really make a huge difference to the taste as the miso and sesame seeds are quite strong.)

I cooked up all of the remaining bean sprouts but only ate half, so the other half can be for dinner tomorrow. I’m planning on making a chicken meatball soup, steaming some broccoli and eating the leftover sprouts and rice (I cooked a cup so that makes 4 serves.)

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3 thoughts on “Day 3

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  1. wow

    i know i am a few days late but i am going to copy this and try to save some money – i am a total nightmare for waste food and it would do me good to list what i actually have in my kitchen.

    i love all your japanese bits as well – making sushi is something i keep trying and never being very sucessful but i enjoy going to a sushi bar with a friend as often as i can. although i bet that is english sushi not real sushi.

    i will let you know how i get along but thanks for the great idea – only spend £1 today so imsure i can keep that up and make some huge savings

    1. Good on you! I think it’s great that you want to join in – even just being more aware of food and not wasting it is a step in the right direction.

      I have a cookbook I brought back from Japan that has nothing in it but dishes made from scraps (vegetable peelings, skin & bones of fish etc.) It’s amazing what you can do with stuff that would normally be thrown away 🙂

  2. so if you didnt go to the shop and buy the milk, it also means you didnt go to the shop and buy the lotto ticket for the $20 million draw doesn’t it.

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