Day 4

Amount spent: $2.59 Money spent so far: $14.94 Days remaining: 27

My morning porridge exhausted milk supplies, so on the way home from work I popped into our local supermarket and purchased 2 litres of milk for $2.59. I had seen in the catalogue 3 litres advertised for $2.99, but alas that special was no-where to be seen.

Brekky: Porridge and coffee. Master had cereal.

Lunch: Half a tub of yoghurt, muesli, mandarins. Master had apples and mandarins.

Dinner: I made chicken meatball soup with chinese cabbage. I also ate the leftover sprouts and rice and steamed some broccoli. The meatballs were supposed to have an egg in them to bind the ingredients together, but I couldn’t spare the calories,  so I whizzed up the mixture in the foodprocessor and added a little potato starch instead. Cooking them in stock gave the meatballs extra flavour and me some soup so that I didn’t have to break open a packet of miso soup.

Apparently Master abandoned his dinner served up to him in the motel restaurant saying he’d rather ‘starve than eat that crap’.

Today was good in that I scored some food souvenirs from my boss’ wife who returned on the weekend from a month in Japan. In the goodies package were 12 yatsuhashi and 5  dried ayabora (neptune) molluscs.

Yatsuhashi are sweets famous in Kyoto made from a chewy rice wrapper filled with sweet bean paste. There are three standard flavours cinnamon, green tea and plain.



Seasonally they also have cherry and chocolate flavours. I received 5 green tea and 5 plain and shared a couple with my boss over morning tea, so I’ve got eight left to add to the pantry stocks. Yay for free food! Unfortunately they don’t keep and have to be eaten within 3-4 days, but at only 60cal each, one a day doesn’t hurt 😉

Ayabora aren’t eaten that much outside of Asia and were one of my most favouite types of sushi. No-one has ever seen or heard of them in Australia which is a shame. Obviously you can’t bring the raw deal into Australia, but dried and packaged ones are always welcome!tsubu01

Disturbingly though, when they’re raw and sliced up they look like my nether regions:


They may just be sea snails, but they have the best texture this side of abalone and are about 1/10 of the price. I can’t wait to tuck into them!

Tomorrow I’m thinking about having some pumpkin soup for lunch and jazzing up the leftover gnocchi and pasta sauce in the fridge for dinner. Master suggested baking the gnocchi with some cheese and that sounds fabulous to me.

Read about Day 3 here

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