Day 5

Spent: $0 Amount spent so far: $14.94 Days remaining: 26

Talking to Master on the phone I advised him that we’d have a few things to get for the coming week and he said, ‘Remember, you’ve only got $25!’ to which I said, ‘But we’ve still got about $10 left over from this week!’ to which he said, ‘It doesn’t work that way. You can’t carry over what you don’t spend to the next week!’ to which I said, ‘Pffft! That’s not how it works!’ to which he said, ‘It will work whatever way I want it to work bitch!’ to which I could say nothing.

So once again, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock and Master beats bitch wearing the shiny thingie.

I seriously hope he doesn’t impose the ‘no carry over’ rule or we’ll be screwed for our luncheon at the end of the month.

Brekky – Porridge and coffee for me. Just Right cereal for Master.

Lunch – Pumpkin soup and a pear for me. Fruit for Master.

Dinner – Gnocchi bake with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese for me. Some disappointing pork chops with nothing for Master (I’m sure he’ll blog about his phantom vegetables that never arrived.)

I also had one yatsuhashi for afternoon tea leaving 7 to share with Master over the next couple of days. He’s never had them before so I hope he appreciates them as much as I do. I think a lot of Japanese is a bit of an aquired taste and especially sweets as there are lots of mysterious textures. I remember when I first went over there and was confronted with my first ‘meal’ of tofu miso soup, seaweed, fish and rice and I seriously had a panic attack. I was thinking, “Holy fuck, how am I going to survive here for 6mths??”

Obviously I acquired a taste for things since I didn’t end up coming back for 10 years! Lol.

Read about Day 4 here.


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