Day 6

Spent: $3.15  Amount spent so far: $18.09  Days remaining 25

We bought milk for Master (as I drink ‘adulterated low-fat milk’ and he needs ‘man’s milk’) @$2.59 and a bread roll @55c for Master’s hamburger dinner/late lunch.

Brekky – Porridge for me. Cereal for Master.

Lunch – Remainder of tub of yoghurt, muesli and mandarins for me. Nothing for Master

Afternoon tea – 2 yatsuhashi. Scotch finger biscuits for Master with his coffee.

Dinner – Chickpea & chicken curry from freezer with rice (leftover from Tuesday) for me. Hamburger for Master (pattie from freezer) with cheese, egg, onion & tomato.

Master made the cutest face when I handed over the yatsuhashi for him to try – like he was being water-boarded in Guantanamo or something. He said it was alright, but somehow I’m thinking he was just saying that to appease his torturer so he wouldn’t be made to eat more.

Thursdays are like Fridays for me as I don’t work on Fridays so I generally make something a little elaborate. Last week I made potato & spinach gnocchi (which, I wasn’t very impressed with texture-wise) but today I’m at a loss for something to make so I’m just thinking about having something from the freezer so chickpea curry it is.

Tomorrow’s dinner is shaping up to be roast (lamb for Master & chicken for me) with veggies. On the weekend I’m planning on making some bread and cooking up some cabbage rolls.

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  1. This is really interesting. I was just thinking the other day that I should go through my pantry and two freezers to see what exactly I have on hand.

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