Day 7

Spent: $18.09  Money left:$81.91  Days remaining: 24

Well, it’s the end of week one and so far it’s been relatively painless. I guess the first week is though, because you’ve still got reasonable amounts of staples left over from your excessive food shopping before.

At the end of this week we’ve got 1 egg left, no puppy food (apparently he’s a member of the household and his food is part of the challenge as well! lol), very little in the way of fresh fruit and veggies except some apples, a couple of mandarins and a cabbage and only 1/4 of a jar of coffee. Some serious supplies will need to be purchased.

I’ve been scouting out where the cheapest groceries are and have found a place selling milk @$1.99, 300g tubs of yoghurt @99c , eggs@ $2.59 a dozen and 1kg tubs of ricotta for $4.89, so we might be paying a visit there tomorrow. I also saw a coupon for next Saturday at Leonard’s chicken for breasts@ $7.99/kilo which might be something to consider.

I’ve mixed together the ingredients for some no-knead bread for baking tomorrow. It needs 18+ hours of initial rising, 2+ hours of secondary rising and then is cooked in a heavy cast iron pot in the oven for an hour. I’d read about it on several blogs as a ‘no-fail-no-pain’ way of making what we aussies would call a damper loaf, so I thought I’d give it a try. Considering that buying a loaf of Italian crusty bread costs you something like $5, making our own seems the way to go (we’ve got plenty of Italian flour left over from our pasta making a couple of weeks back, yeast and salt – the only 3 ingredients!- in the pantry.) The recipe can be found on the NY Times website here.

Brekky – 2 egg omelette with tomato and jalapenos for me. Crumpets for Master.

Lunch – Maybe some pumpkin soup for me. No idea what Master will be eating.

Dinner – Roast lamb and veggies with gravy for Master. Roast chicken with veggies and gravy for me.

Read about Day 6 here

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