Day 8

Spent: $25.78  Amount spent so far: $43.74  Days remaining: 23

I remembered why I buy bread instead of baking it – I suck at making bread. Things started well though with the first proving of my no-knead bread turning out perfectly. I woke up this morning (24hrs after mixing the ingredients together) and it was all bubbly and fluffy. I turned it out and let it rest for 15mins or so. Then I shaped it and left it on a tea towel for another two hours. 

Two hours later it still looked like it did two hours before and there was no ‘doubling in size’. I turned the oven on, turned the gas heater on and tried to warm the room up to encourage some rising. An hour later and without much success I thought, ‘Fuck it!’ (it had been proving for 27hrs by then) and decided to put it in the oven.

Obviously my ‘generous sprinkling of flour’ wasn’t generous enough because the whole sticky loaf stuck to the tea towel and I had to scrape it off with a knife and flop it into the dutch oven that I had pre-heated for an hour in the oven.

But after an hour of baking I have to say I’m quite impressed with the finished result.

no-knead bread

It’s not as high as I would of liked, but it’s incredibly crunchy and has no ‘yeasty’ taste that normal home-made bread does. I even had a piece warm out of the oven with butter! Yummo! (unfortunately as a result of my indulgence I now have to hop on the exercise bike…ho-hum…)


We went shopping today and spent waaaaay too much. Today’s grocery purchases:


2 litres milk , 2 litres low fat milk, a dozen eggs, 8 bread rolls, 2 small tubs of yoghurt, 2 bottles of sunkist for a sum total of $13.03

In the fruit and veggie section:


2 pineapples, 4 nashi, 11 mandarins and 3 tomatoes for a sum total of $12.65

Total spent today: $25.78

Brekky – Porridge & coffee for Master, one egg omelette with tomato and onion with a wholemeal muffin for me.

Lunch – 2 lamb rolls (using the left-over roast lamb from last night) for Master. Ochazuke (savoury rice porridge) made with the leftover rice in the fridge and a sachet of mix from the pantry for me.

Dinner – We’re having some of the frozen ricotta for dinner with Master’s uberly scrummy tomato chilli sauce.

Master told me he wanted condensed milk on his porridge this morning so I opened up a tin and took it to him with his bowl of  ‘concrete’ porridge (he likes it solid as concrete). He gave me a funny look and started pouring and said, “I actually wanted evaporated milk…”. I should of thought that’s what he meant because in Master-speak ‘baking powder’ is baking paper, so it’s only natural that ‘condensed milk’ would be evaporated milk. Duh, me 😉

So we had 3/4 of a tin of condensed milk left over and I thought I needed to do something with it. Whenever I think of condensed milk my mind immediately jumps to coconut ice, but Master doesn’t like dessicated coconut, so that’s a no-go.

I hunted for recipes on-line and found a perfect recipe for lemon bars and what was even better was that we had all the ingredients! I’ve been trying to use up the dozen lemons Master bought a few weeks ago and so far we’ve had lemon meringue, lemon tart, lemon delicious pudding and now lemon bars. I’ll post a pic later once they’re out of the oven and cooled.

Read about Day 7 here.

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