Day 9

Amount spent: $0  Monet spent so far: $43.74  Days remaining: 22

I present for your pleasure, the most DIVINE lemon bars (slice? biscuits? dunno what to call them really…)

lemon bars

Obviously my cutting skills need some honing. The top is a delicate, foamy lemon delicious type thing that probably needs a really hot knife to cut it well. Later on this afternoon I might trim them and accidently eat the bits I trim off….:)

Master gave them an 8/10 due to the fact that he doesn’t like shortbread, which unfortunately, is exactly what the base is. In terms of the recipe, I halved the sugar in the base and upped the lemon content by 1/4. I find that with recipes from US sites they are always incredibly sweet, so I always halve the sugar content and it generally works out to be perfect.I also added some lemon zest to the base to give it some more zing! In this house, we like zing. Oh, and I omitted the food colouring, because, well, who needs techicolour lemon bars???

Brekky – Tinned spaghetti with cheese on toast for Master. One egg omelette and a piece of crusty italian loaf for me.

Lunch – 2 hot dogs for Master. Some pineapple for me.

Dinner – Master made beans & shit soup using several tins of beans, carrot, celery, tomatoes and taco seasoning mix. There are two serves left that will make an appearance during the week.

Read about Day 8 here.


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