Dinner: Pizza

We had some pizza bases in the freezer that we had purchased from our local Italian bakery and owing to the scrumminess experienced from our previous pizza-making, we decided to have pizza for dinner.

Master made an “Aussie”. (I’m not sure why it’s called an Aussie, but something with bacon, egg  cheese on it is called an Aussie in Aussieland. Thus there are Aussie burgers and Aussie pizzas.)

girlie & Master pizza

In addition to his bacon, egg & mozarella cheese, he also added onion, olives & anchovies. I had artichoke hearts, olives, tomato, onions, green capsicum and shredded mozarella.

Then I decided I needed to add some anchovies and Master decided he needed to take a picture of me in my pink nightie, glasses and with just-out-of-the-bath hair.

girlie in pink

I’m such a glamorous slave…

cooked girlie pizza

Master's cooked pizza

I think Master’s pizza won in the scrummiest-looking pizza stakes, don’t you agree??

I think my diet is going down the toilet…first tempura, now pizza. I blame being in red plague time & the fact that my scales aren’t working…I’ll start being a good girl again…after we have cannelloni tomorrow 😉


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