FFF -Day 1

What’s this all about?

Breakfast – oatmeal made with low-fat milk & splenda and an instant coffee hit

Lunch – 150g low fat greek yoghurt, 50g muesli, half a pink grapefruit and a pear

(You’ll notice the container of yoghurt says “1kg” because I’m too lazy to put it in a different container and take it to work. This one has 300g left in it so it’s two days worth of yoghurt and the bag of muesli is two days worth too. I get a secret thrill from inappropriately eating out of the huge yoghurt container at work…lol.)

Dinner – Master-made ricotta lasagne and an uber salad containing my lettuce babies, raw cabbage, capsicum, cucumber, carrot, fresh steamed asparagus & broccoli served with no-fat italian dressing.

We had the lasagne in the freezer and the flavours seem to have matured over time. Damn it was good…

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