FFF – Day 10

Day 10 and I’ve gone for something different! Long-ways photos! Yay!

Brekky- wholemeal crumpets with honey and BAC (big-ass cappuccino)

Lunch – Tuna salad with a drizzle of Japanese mayonaise (the ONLY kind to have). I also had the other half of the plain yoghurt I had yesterday.

I was also uberly proud of myself because my boss invited me to go to a yummy ramen restaurant for lunch but I declined saying that I was watching what I’m eating!

Snack – The last of my frugal mangoes…boo hoo. I’ll be on the prowl for replacement mangoes at the markets tomorrow.

Dinner – Master made pasta primavera – which, to you and me, is pasta cooked with veggies. I added some of the parmesan cheese we got from one of the local cheese factories that disturbingly smells and tastes like vomit, but in a good-parmesan-cheese-vomit way 🙂

As far a veggies go, there was cabbage, red onion, red capsicum, asparagus and cauliflower in it

See Day 9 here

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