FFF – Day 11

Brekky – Pumpernickle rye bread with chilli chicken, avocado, rocket and tomato & an almost-big-ass cappuccino (we had brekky at a bakery I’d passed several times and was interested in. Coffee & sandwich $12.95. Yes, Australia is scarily expensive. No, I didn’t eat the little biscuit on the spoon.)

Lunch – fruit plate (rockmelon, honeydew melon, strawberries, pink lady apple) and 150g plain yoghurt

Snack – mid-afternoon BAC after several hard hours of WoW playing….

Dinner – I made Korean kimchi jigae (spicy veggie & meat hotpot with kimchi)

The veggies are a bit unorthodox as I wanted to use up what we had in the fridge so: cauliflower, broccoli, leek, carrot and then I used turkey in place of pork and added a small slab of tofu. Of course, I also added 300g of kimchi (thus the name).

The broth contains dashi, miso, gochujang (hot chilli paste), soy sauce and sake. As a garnish, I sprinkled over some freshly ground sesame seeds. I thought it was scrummy. I think the jury is still out about what Master thought.

After dinner Master shared a couple of pieces of his bosc pear with me. It was crunchy and a little juicy, almost nashi-like and was a great palette cleanser after the spicy hotpot.

See Day 10 here


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