FFF – Day 12

Brekky – tuna, egg and salad sandwich on a ten-seed roll we bought while at the bakery yesterday and a BAC. Salad was lettuce, cucumber, carrot, capsicum and I added a little mayonnaise to the egg.

The roll was oh-so chewy and took me forever to eat. In fact, it played havoc with my tmj but it was sooo scrummy.

Lunch – Fruit (rockmelon, pineapple, bosc pear, strawberries, mango pip for sucking) and 150g plain fat-free yoghurt.

Snack – after bathing the puppy and blow drying him for a good thirty minutes I needed something cool so I had a caramel flavoured ice cream.

Dinner- left over korean kimchi jigae from last night. ‘Twas even better the day after.

Midnight snack – I saw these mini cheesecakes on the goodies table at the play party and I just had to have one (well, I didn’t HAVE TO have one, but I did and Master egged me on to have one so I’m blaming him!)
There’s a cherry on top and the whole thing was about the size of my thumb. It was yummy and I could of quite happily had ten or twenty of these babies, but by the time I got to the plate there were only 4 left – of which I had one 🙂

Day 11 here


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