FFF – Day 13

Brunch – after a late night at the play party, I woke up at 10:30am so brekky merged into lunch.

A “healthy bagel” (something about seeds and grains according to the shop chick) from Lawley’s bakery, toasted with scraping of butter, a two-egg omelette containing tomato, capsicum, jalapenos and a BAC (big-ass cappuccino)

Snack Part 1 – half a mango & two pieces of pineaple

Snack Part 2 – I had the munchies about 4pm and decided to break into my stash of dried squid because (a) five of these babies is 90cal with zero fat and they keep you chewing for a good 30mins (b) Master hates the smell and he was engrossed in an xbox game in the lounge room far away, so I knew I wouldn’t be caned for it.

Dinner – Chicken breast roasted in turbo oven (sprinkled with salt, pepper and chilli flakes while cooking) and a BAS (big-ass salad) with some Japanese mayo on top.

Mayo…I know…not good. I’ll need to get me some more non-fat dressing tomorrow.

Day 12 here

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