FFF – Day 2

Brekky – two crumpets toasted with a drizzle of honey and a big-ass cappuccino (Master got up early to turn on the machine because he said he felt bad that I was posting pics of *instant coffee*!! Lolololol…)

Lunch – same as yesterday, yoghurt with muesli and fruit. I took a picture of me eating it out of my inappropriate container with my favourite spoon that I swiped from Qantas. For some reason, the size and shape of this spoon is just perfect! I’ve got three in my collection now.

Dinner – Master made a turkey and leek terrine with asparagus on top. We had it with a salad of lettuce babies, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, 4 bean mix, capsicum, cucumber and carrot. And I had a cup of instant miso soup with tofu.

See Day 1

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