FFF – Day 3

Brekky – two egg omelette containing jalapenos, capsicum & tomato and my standard big-ass cappuccino (have I mentioned how much I love this mug because it fits under the cappuccino machine, holds a decent cup of coffee & Master bought it for me?)

Lunch – 4 wholemeal premium crispbread, a tin of oven-dried tomato & capsicum tuna & an orange

Snack – 200g tub of strawberry diet yoghurt (yes, I always lick the lid – that’s the best bit.)

Dinner – I made veggie curry with eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, carrot & onion and sprinkled some of my coriander babies on top. I had it with some brown rice (My rice was so FAIL. I decided to soak it for a while before I cooked it and that made it soggy, but it was still edible. The curry also looks a lot better than it tasted.)

See Day 2 here.

4 thoughts on “FFF – Day 3

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    1. It’s called only working 3 days a week and not having children 🙂

      You’ll be seeing those big-ass cappuccinos just about every day!

    1. I LURV omelettes with lots of things in them. If cheese wasn’t food from the devil, I’d have it as well. Cheese just makes everything even more fabulous.

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